Sunday 3.22.15

One more week for the CrossFit Games Open!  Thank you everyone for playing.  And thank you to everyone else who is putting up with us as we run around, find judges, get our equipment set up just perfectly so we can get one rep more, and our other eccentric behaviors.  Five weeks goes fast, but it puts people out and we thank you for your patience.

CrossFit's unofficial mascot, "Pukie"
and the photo next to everyone on the CrossFit Games profile if you don't put your own

I just wanted to highlight a couple people real quick:

Steven is kicking butt in the scaled teens division.  He is getting his competition appetite wet with some huge numbers!  I look forward to seeing him add more skills this next year and see him do well in the Rx'd division next year!

Joan is 4 workouts in and has not had to scale yet in the master's division!  That's an awesome goal to have.  Even if she didn't hit numbers she wanted to hit in certain workouts, she is determined to stay Rx'd.  One more workout Joan, and that is it!

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