Thursday 3.12.15

Set up with your forearms and toes with your elbows at 90 degrees, directly underneath your shoulders. Keep torso straight, stomach tight, and back flat as you hold this position

Skill: Strict Chin Ups 5 x max reps

WODComplete 4 Rounds on alternating minutes:*
Minute 1: - 7 Push Press (135/85#)
- max reps. Ring Rows

Minute 2:
- 10 Russian Twists - 1 touches to each side = 1 (45/25#)
- max hold. Front Pillar Hold

*On minute zero, complete presses and max Chin Ups. On minute 1, complete Russian Twists and Pillar Hold until the start of minute 2. Repeat continuously until 4 Rounds (8 minutes) have elapsed.

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