Friday 2.19.10

Here's Kyle knocking out his muscle ups. Unfortunately this isn't his first muscle up since we weren't ready with a video camera then. But one day after getting his first one is still cool. Great work Kyle!


Shoulder Press- find your 3rm.


-Tabata Push Ups

-Tabata Bottom-bottom Squats

WOD Tips:

For the SWOD, this is a strict standing press for a 3RM. No leg drive! We did our 5RM a few weeks ago, so use that weight as a guide for what to shoot for here (it should be higher than the 5RM!)

For the metcon, we did a tabata mash up last week where we alternated exercises. Today we will do all 8 rounds of the push ups first, followed by all 8 rounds of the squats. Bottom-to-bottom squats require you to take your :10 rest periods in the bottom position of the squat (the :20 of reps will feel like the rest period!). Your score on each is the lowest number of reps you complete in any of the 8 sets.

Post weights and tabata scores to the comments section! bc


  1. SWOD : 65x3, 70x2

    METCON: Push ups= 6 Squat =8

    Bill, guess you will miss the pics I brought today..sorry u weren't here

  2. Shoulder Press 185 x 3

    Tabata Pushups: 9
    Tabata Squats (bottom): 14

    Nice Pics Kate

  3. Shoulder Press: 100 @3
    Tabata Pushups: 7
    Tabata Squats: 12

    Kate those were great pic's to bad Bill was a no-show (Again)

  4. Shoulder press 45 x 3
    Tabata Pushups (modified) 5
    Tabata Squats 6

    Craig I am going to work on stomping around and getting mad so I can get 55 on the shoulder press. We had so much fun this morning I couldn't find any anger!

  5. SWOD: Shoulder Press 195 x 3, 215 x 0
    Metcon: push ups: 9, squats: 9. That sucked.

  6. SWOD: 105 110X2

    Metcon: push ups 3, squats 6

  7. Sorry I missed it today! I was so exhausted I couldn't drag myself out of bed...... :(

  8. Took the day off and ran five miles instead.
    I'll be on vacation all next week visiting family in Louisiana. My goal is to run and attend at least one class at Red River CrossFit while I'm there. See everyone when I get back :)

  9. Danyel. First the stomping, then we'll add the pouty face when you go for 65 pounds.

  10. SWOD: Press 80 x 3

    MetCon: Push ups 11, Squats (bottom to bottom)17
    Total: 28

    Yep, beat ya again, Craig!!! :)

    But..I still can't do a muscle up :(

  11. Shoulder Press: 85 x3
    MetCon: push-ups 8, squats 12