Thursday 2.18.10

Kenny bangs out some HSPU's during Wednesday's WOD!
Clean and Jerk 1RM
"KB Magic 50"
5 rounds for time of:
-5 1-Arm KB Swings each arm (1 pood/ 1/2 pood)
-5 1-Arm KB Snatches each arm (1 pood/ 1/2 pood)
-10 Burpees

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, we've done the clean, we've done the jerk, now we're going to put them together for the complete olympic lift, minus the singlets (unless you have one and want to break it out. I'll leave that up to you!) Work on the full clean (receiving the bar in a full front squat) rather than a power clean. We're going to do the Compound Total soon, and a power clean won't count!
For the metcon, this one is borrowed from Ross Enamait, a boxing coach and fitness phenomenon. His original plan calls for dumbbells, but we're going to use KB's! This one will tax your grip muscles, but don't lower the weight! Just rest as needed and continue on with the fun! burpees are full 5-count burpees, not sprawls with a jump! Check out Ross's site for more info on him. He's got some killer metcons to try out!
Post your weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. That photo is obviously prior to Kyle doing his workout!!! Good job Kenny

  2. BC/CC,

    What is "Compound Total" ?

  3. Doug, The Compound Total was written up on 1-27-10. You can link to it here:

    Just cut and paste it in your web browser (couldn't hyper link it for some reason) and read away! bc

  4. damn! crossfit is no joke!...175lb clean and jerk...14:05 magic 50...

  5. Got it ..Thanks.

    So, who is Bill? Besides being the most popular no show of all time.

  6. 185 clean and jerk (PR!!!)
    MetCon = 13:23 "MAGIC 50" A few less rum and cokes the night before could shave a minute off next time!

  7. SWOD: Clean and Jerk Practice 35lb bar--need to get the hang of this......

    METCON: Magic 50 9:12

    Lovin' Crossfit--thanks guys for teaching us to be strong and fit!

  8. Its the long lost Bill, thanks for all your concern.

    Clean and Jerk: 165
    50 bar dips: 12:16

  9. SWOD: Clean and Jerk up to 275 (tied my PR). I tried 285 twice and was close, but ultimately failed.

    Metcon: Skipped to try and rest my system so I can get over this stupid cold!

    Great job morning crew! That lift is very technical and you guys hung with it!

  10. Clean and Jerk 265 (PR). Failed 3 times but close.

    Also skipped Metcon till my cold subsides

  11. Correction: Meant to say failed at 275 #

  12. clean and jerk: 225
    magic 50: 9:53

  13. Clean and Jerk: 185; 205 (F)
    Magic 50: 9:14

  14. Clean and Jerk: 125
    Magic 50 (with 26 lb kb) 11:52

  15. clean jerk: 85lb
    Magic 50 5 rounds 11:53
    feels good!

  16. clean jerk: 85 lb
    Magic 50 11:54

  17. clean jerk: 55 lb
    Magic 50 20:23 (real bucking furpees)

  18. Swod: clean and jerk worked on technique
    Wod: metcon (15:16)

  19. Swod: clean and jerk 125lbs technique
    Wod: metcon (17:21)

  20. Clean & Jerk 45,75,95,115,125, (failed twice at 145)
    WOD of pain:9:58 day one of C&J that was different!

  21. Clean & Jerk 45, 75, 95, 1Ø5, 115...Woohoo!

    "Magic" 5Ø - 19:48