Wednesday 2.17.10

The following excerpt is from a CrossFit Journal article on the Benchmark WODs, which are basically all named WOD's. It discusses the rx'd weights, and why we should all use them, even if we can only get a few reps at that particular weight. Remember because they are benchmarks, the only way to measure our improvements is to do them as rx'd, check our times without substitutions or modifications, and beat that time the next time that particular WOD comes around. It says this....

Pace, Strategy, and Capacity
Nearly everyone will have to chop up either the weightlifting exercises or calisthenic exercises into manageable subsets. If you can blast through without stopping, these workouts take about 4 minutes apiece. If you’re less than a weightlifting gymnast with the lungs of a porpoise your times will reflect as much.
With that in mind there’s no shame in taking 60 minutes to polish off one of these workouts. If the loads are in excess of your capacity at even a few reps, then you’ll have no choice but to amend the workout with lighter loads. But, if you can manage three’s then you can cruise through the workouts with 7X3’s the first round, then 5X3’s on the second, and on the third round 3X3’s.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

Back Squat find your 3RM

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
-Sumo Dead lift High Pulls (95/65)
-Handstand Push Ups

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, you should definitely be able to beat your 5RM weight we did two weeks ago. Hopefully you recorded the weight! This is the last heavy back squat day before we total, so get after it.

For the metcon, try and do the rx'd weight, even if you have to break each set up into sub sets like the article suggests. If you cannot do even 1 HSPU, do pike push ups, which the lovely trainers will demonstrate for you, followed by a max handstand hold on EACH SET.

Post weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. 365 x 3.

    Metcon: Now im off to another location for 'Fight Gone Bad' with The Team

  2. Back squat:
    155 x 3

    Hmmm...well I was only timed for 6 of the 10 my real time was probably double Rx. Stupid stop watch!!! :(

  3. Hey, just wondering if anyone found Bill? I'll look for him on my way to work....starting to get worried!

  4. SWOD: Back Squat up to 370 (PR!) Craig finally did one before me so I could try and beat him for a change!

    Metcon: 20:51 as rx'd, except as I was a little shallow on some reps. My HSPU endurance sucks!

    Also did some failed muscle up practice in between squat sets.

  5. SWOD: Back Squat 105 x 3
    Metcon: Forgot to write it down but I think it was 10 minutes?? Anyway it is on the board

  6. Fight Gone Bad with The Team. 331 reps with variations due to equipment.

    Bill was there, he's safe so we can all stop looking

  7. SWOD: Backquat 85 X 3 - shoulder was not feeling it.
    Metcon: as rx'd 18:33

    ---> I think I was distracted by the HUGE hole in the wall ;)

  8. back squats: 155, 165x2
    Metcon: 17:46 - handstand pushups: 10 on first set, max each following sets(usually 2), made up the difference with piked push-ups on the box.

    Had fun with the all ladies class this morning! great job girls :)

  9. I could do it because I put my back into it! My Back squat was 315x3

    Metcon, I really put my back into it! I did one round of 10 HSPU before I couldn't hack it and had to switch to elevated push ups. My time for that was 8:55

  10. back squats 3RM 155
    Metcon: 17:46 - pike push ups + max hold handstand each set

  11. Did Fight Gone Bad with Craig: 253. Much better performance than last time (Weight increase/full range of motion)

    I saw Bill and he felt the love from missing all the workouts and everyones POSTS. Now lets see if he shows. Could not get him to acknowledge if that was him I saw on his way to Napa.

  12. back squats: 145x3
    metcon: 11:37 (pike push ups)

  13. SWOD: Screwed up and did 5 reps at 155

    Metcon: 15:14 with piked push ups

  14. Allison for deployed JeffFriday, February 19, 2010 9:31:00 PM

    Jeff did this metcon in the desert in 9:24, then he did 45 more HSPU to make an even 100... such show off! can't wait for you all to meet him :)