Wednesday 2.24.10

Thruster 1RM

"1/2 Barbara"
5 Rounds of:
-10 pull ups
-15 push ups
-20 sit ups
-25 squats
-1:30 rest

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, in order to do benchmark metcons like "Fran" as rx'd, we need to work on our strength in the thruster. Go for a 1rm max here, and the next time "Fran" comes ups, 95 lbs or 65 lbs will feel like nothing!

For the metcon, pull ups can be kipped, strict, assisted, or jumping. Push ups are chest to floor, don't short cut them! Sit ups are on the abmat (yes again!). Squats are from a medicine ball to open hips at the the top. This is only 1/2 of the actual metcon Barbara, but we need to save a little something for the total.

Post weight and times to the comments section! bc


  1. Swod: Thruster - 85 failed twice, on third
    Metcon: 1/2 Barbara w/ band pull ups @ 18:37

  2. SWOD: 95 x 1

    MetCon: 14:05 as Rx (with 6 min rest)

  3. SWOD: Thruster 250x 1 (PR!), then 230x 3 (PR!), then 205x 5 (PR!).

    Metcon: No time today.

  4. SWOD: Thruster 165 (just missed lockout at 185)

    Metcon: 20:01

  5. 45, 75, 95, 115, 135, 145, Time 15:30

  6. thruster: 135lbs
    metcon: 17:06 (jump pull-ups)(2 rounds I modified push-ups)

  7. thruster: 75lbs
    Metcon: 19:28 (jump pull-ups)

  8. Thruster: 45,75,95,115,125

    Metcon: 21:51

  9. SWOD: Thrusters 105x5/ 5 sets (dumb bells at home max out at 105)

    Metcon: 20:40:01

  10. SWOD: Thrusters: w/u 45x10,75,95,115,125,135(failed @ 140)

    Metcon:15:09 as rx'd, all k/p.u.'s

  11. Worked out at Crossfit Ethos today in Laguna Hills. The WOD was Clean and Jerk for 10x1 heavy.

    Since I got 275 Monday for the Total, I decided to go for 285 (back in my DC's, not lifting shoes). I hit 285 and hit it strong. Then 295, failed once, but 20 lbs PR on second time.

    Thanks CF Ethos!!