Saturday 3.13.10

The Snatch is a very complex lift. Keep practicing your technique with pvc and bars. It will come!

Snatch technique practice

"21's" of:
-Push Ups
-Pull Ups

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, take the first 10 minutes or so of class to drill this technique. Teach your body the movement pattern with light weights so you can start getting under some heavy weight with good technique down the road.

For the metcon, do 1 push ups and 20 pull ups the first round, 2 push ups and 19 pull ups the second round, 3 push ups and 18 pull ups the third round, and so on until you get to 20 push ups and 1 pull up on the last round (each round adds up to 21 total reps). Use assistance on the pull ups if you have to. If you you can do a few regular push ups, do them each set until you need to go to your knees because you're hitting failure. Work through this as fast as possible!

Post your times to the comments section! bc


  1. snatch practice
    "push ups pull ups" 39:34

  2. Snatch Practice
    "21's" jumping pull ups-32:37
    my arms are noodles--that was so hard!

  3. 21's 41:41 (band pullups)

  4. MetCon: 28:40, kipping pull ups, full push ups

    Hands are the worst they've ever been! :'(

  5. 21's time was 17:58

    Box jump pull ups w/straight leg push ups through round 11, then modified knee push ups after that.

    Sore elbow tendons but no bloody palms here.

  6. 21s' 26:45
    4 Kips ea round than jumping

  7. Snatch practice was informative..

    metcon:as rx'd / 35: and change.

    hands are on ice..YIKES!!