Wednesday 3.10.10

This is a picture of what good running technique should look like. The runner has good posture, a forward lean, and his legs are forming a perfect "figure 4." This means that he is pulling his heels straight up off the ground while the other foot makes contact with the ground underneath his body weight, with the weight on the mid-foot rather than the heel. He is not extending his back leg too far to the rear, and while not pictured, he will not reach too far out in front of him with the next stride.

Clean and Jerk practice.

1 Mile Run
"Death By 10 Meters"

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, keep the weight very light, and practice technique.

For the metcon, run a 1 mile time trial, which means an all-out effort. Recover for 5-10 minutes. For "Death by 10 Meters", mark off a 10-meter course. In the first minute, run 10 meters. At the start of the second minute, run 20 meters (10 out and 10 back). At the start of the third minute run 30 meters. Continue in this manner until you can no longer repeat the distance. You must cross the line completely on each 10 meter run!

Post your miles times, and the round number you failed at to the comments section! bc


  1. mile= 8:10
    death by 10m= round 13

  2. Row 1600 metersa = 7:15
    Death bny 10m = 1round 13

  3. mile = 8:10 tu
    Death by 10m = 12

  4. mile = 7:02
    death by 10m = 15

    Gotta luv it!!!!

  5. mile = 6:30
    death by 10m = 14

  6. Mile: 6:41
    Death by 10m: Round 15, completing 14 laps.

    I don't know where you ended up Kenny. Did you beat me or we tie?

  7. Mile: 6:50
    Death by 10m: 15 laps

    Craig, tomorrow we will have a push up contest.

  8. We will have to video that push up contest! That will be fun to watch!

  9. Mile = 7:48 (on a treadmill at Fit19 - sorry the bed was too cozy this morning!)

  10. Mile = 9:06 (very proud of that!)
    Death by 10m = round 13.

  11. Mile 7:05
    Death by 10 15 laps

  12. Mile: 8:28 I think

    Death by 10: 14

  13. Mile 9:28
    Death by 10 meters: Round #14