Thursday 3.11.10

Sorry about the last post, guys. I was at SWAT training all day with no computer access!

Deadlift 3rm. Compare to 2.03.10.

10 x 1:00 rounds of max reps of burpee pull ups. 1:00 rest between rounds.

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, compare your weights to the last time we did a 3rm and try and beat it by 5 lbs at least. If you didn't lift that day, compare to your 5rm from last week and beat that.

For the metcon, set up underneath the pull up bar. Do a standard burpee (not a sprawl). On the jump, jump up to the pull ups bar and use the momentum to to complete a pull up. Do that as many times as possible in 1:00, rest 1:00, and repeat 10 times. Your score is the total number of burpee pull ups during the whole WOD. If you can't jump all the way up to the pull up bar, set up a box under the pull up bar. Do a burpee box jump, then do a jumping pull up.

Post weights and burpee pull up numbers tot he comments section! bc


  1. Deadlift 3 rep max = 260
    Burpee Pullups 10 rounds 1 min each w/ min rest=63

  2. Deadlift 3 rep max: 250 I made it new pr

  3. Great Job AM's even though it was a small class. Make sure you guys are logging you scores so we can look back at them later to try to beat them.

    SWOD: Deadlift 455x3
    Burpee p/u: 111

    Don't think a push up contest could have gone down after that workout.

  4. SWOD: Deadlift 225 X 3 up 20 from last time
    Burpee Pull-ups: 68

    I think they are trying to "KILL" me, but I like the way I'm Dieing.

    Needed some time to cool down.

  5. swod: 135x3 140x1
    Burpee pull-ups: 59 beat goal of 50

  6. Today was a good day!
    SWOD = Deadlift 355x3 (up 10LBS) PLUS....NEW PR & MEET MY GOAL! 375 Deadlift

    MetCon = 107

  7. Jenn
    swod:dead lift 165x3
    burpee pull-ups:59

  8. SWOD:45-275x3 Deadlift

    burpee p/u's (w/12" box); 116


  9. SWOD Dead Lift: 265x3
    Burpee Pull ups: 66

  10. deadlift: 155X3
    Running the half on Sunday!!!!

  11. It was a Thursday Night Thriller for sure!

    Lifting partner was John.

    45 x 5 checking form, thanks Erica and Kyle.
    135 x 3
    185 x 3
    235 x 3
    245 x 3
    255 x 3
    265 x 3
    275 x 3 Grrrrrrrrunt! PR!

    Metcon partner was Jennifer. Nice to meet you Jennifer.

    Used a box under the bar. Reps as follows: 8, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 7, 6, 7, 8. Score = 71

    Had some anxiety thinking about the metcon this afternoon, but in the end it was really fun.

  12. Deadlift 115x3

    Burpee Box Jump Pullups: 62