Friday 4.16.10

Ring Dips 5 x max reps
Pull Ups 5rm

Perform 2 clean and jerks on the minute for 15:00.

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, do a set of ring dips, and then a set of pull ups, resting 1:00 to 2:00 in between efforts.

For the metcon, use 70 -75 % of your 1rm, but don't lower the weight once you start. Perform 5 burpees per missed rep at the end of the 15:00. Your score is the time it takes to finish including burpee penalty time. (If you have no penalties, you probably went too light!)


  1. SWOD: Practiced ring dips which for me was a slight elbow bend and a lot of shaking.
    Metcon: Used 55 lbs but will try more next time.

    The big news is that I was feeling pumped and decided to try my shoulder press goal of 55 lbs x 3 and was successful!!! I am pumped and really happy to get that monkey off my back. Now on to the next goal.

  2. WAHOOOOO, the morning crew really rocked this morning. The girls crew was on their "A" game... Way to push it....

    SWOD: Whatever

    METCON: 95Lbs ea rep with a 135 attempt. 1- 5 Burpee penilty. On the 15th minute we did as many reps as possible (6). No Mole this morning, Nicole must feel she's gathered enough information for the afternooners.

  3. Morning crew did great, I turned around in the middle of my workout and Witnessed Danyel throwing up 55 lbs Shoulder Presses like it was 50 lbs shoulder presses. Crazy! She got her goal.

    I'm working toward my Snatch goal, so I did this metcon with 145# Snatches.

    Dropped one rep in the 2nd and 4th round = 2 penalties (10 burpees)

  4. swod: I did asssited muscle ups again with the band. 3 sets, 4,4,5.

    Metcon: Back was very tired from the week, did 5 rounds with 135 then had to change workout to bench press. 10-9-7-8-7-6-5-4-3-1 with 135 reps on every min for 10 min.

  5. Oh i forgot to say, on the last minute Dave challenged me to do as many reps possible. Got 6. we tied

  6. Sittin in Redding, relaxing, sorry I missed this mornings workout, "NOT". But will be back on Monday after needed rest. Glad to see I wasn't missed. Kool April Nites, "ROCK".... See ya Monday.

  7. Swod: 45lbx5 dips and p/u
    Metcon: 105 no penalties

  8. SWOD: pullups and ring dips with band
    Metcon: 65lbs no penalties

  9. Swod: body weight ring dips/pullups with 18 lb. kb
    MetCon: 105 lbs. n/p
    practice band assisted muscleups 1 set 6or7
    Turkish Getup 1 rep. each side w/53lb.KB

  10. Bar dips w/ band, ring dips w/ band

    Metcon: 55 - I could have lifted more weight ;)

  11. Pull ups 5 rm 22.5 lb
    Ring dips 5 rm 15 lb
    Clean / jerk 70% of max 125 lb

  12. forgot to post yesterday, but wanted to record my weights....

    SWOD Ring dips--Hold 18 sec, 7 sec need to practice this, need to work on stability

    WOD- 55 lbs clean and Jerk 2 x 15--Next time try more weight.

    I worked on shoulder press with Danyel and got 60 lbs x 1--working on quarter goal of 75 lbs.....