Saturday 4.17.10

Light technique practice on the power clean.

4 rounds for time of:
-25 Wall Ball shots
-25 KB Swings
-400m Run

For wall ball, use the heaviest ball on the highest target the you can safely handle. That doesn't mean you should be able to do all 25 reps without stopping. Make yourself work harder to reap more benefits! Same for the KB swings! bc


  1. Metcon: 16:36
    14 lb wall ball X 2, 10 lb wall X 2, 35 lb KB

  2. This morning was awesome. The weather was so nice we decided to do the whole WOD outside. Everyone there slayed the workout! Nice work you guys, great way to start your weekend. Now go enjoy friends, family and sunshine!

  3. Power Clean technique work w/pvc Need it, but gettin' better:)
    MetCon: Late 19:/early 20: forgot
    20 lb. ball@10 ft./44lb. kb
    lap 4 realy hurt(good hurt)

    great job to all!

  4. sorry i missed it....I was tramping the hills of Vacaville trying to find that perfect turkey....those little suckers are smart. Who thought turkey hunting could be so fun???

  5. Metcon 19:32 14 lb wall ball, 35 lb KB