Sunday 4.18.10

Rest Day! Time to learn about The Challenge.

I know you have been waiting anxiously to see what our FIRST Challenge is going to be. The AMers challenged the PMers to a "Named" Workout (one of the benchmark CrossFit workouts designated with a female or hero name). I looked at all the workouts and at the great achievements everyone has made in all classes. I decided to pick a workout that is difficult for everyone yet easily scalable so that all can participate and still be able to score the competition fairly. I wanted to choose something that taxed everyone's strength, endurance, speed, power, balance, etc.

So I chose the workout "Grace":
Clean and Jerk - 30 reps for time.

Move the weight from the ground, to the shoulders, to overhead anyway possible in the fastest time. The challenge will run as follows:

On Monday, May 3rd, everyone will attend whichever session they please and the Metcon WOD will be Grace. The prescribed weight for men is 135 lbs and women is 95 lbs. If you cannot perform the workout with that weight, then scale the weight to where you can manage it. Complete all 30 reps and record your time. In teams of 10, one AM group and 2 PM groups (refer to whiteboard at the gym for the teams) we will add up your weights used and the times to complete the workout. There will be a 5 second penalty attached to your team time for every pound your team is under the prescribed weight for Grace. The team with the lowest combined time wins.

Example: Team of 10 with 5 females and 5 males:
Prescribed weight= 1150 lbs
Total Weight used= 910 lbs
Penalty for 240 lbs difference (at 5 sec./ pound)= 1200 sec. or 20 min.

For different variations on getting the weight overhead check out the video (and feel free to critique my horrendeous technique):

And this is what Grace looks like when going all out for time:

So get out and practice the clean and jerk. Post questions or comments below.

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  1. Im looking forward to another great workout, should be fun.