Thursday 4.15.10

Overhead Squats 5, 5, 5
Front Squats 3, 3, 3
Back Squats 1, 1, 1

Max rounds in 8:00 of:
- 5 Hang Power Snatches (About 70% of your 1rm, or 95/65, whichever is greater)
- 20 Double Unders

WOD Tips:
For the squats, we start with the variation most of us can do the least weight with and work up to the most weight. Each set should get progressively heavier from your first overhead squat set until your last back squat set. Set a new back squat 1rm if possible.

For the metcon, we reviewed the hang power snatch yesterday. If you missed it, spend some time going over it during your warm up. The substitution for double unders is tuck jumps. If you don't have double unders, keep working them in your warm ups each day as well. bc


  1. another fun day combining strenth and fittness. Did all my squats to a box which is really working my hamstrings and saving my knees.

    SWOD: 135x5 OHS, 215x3 FS, 275x1 BS.

    METCON: 4+5 (used 95 lbs for snatch, felt like I was finally kinda of getting the movement down)

  2. SWOD: Overhead squat 35, 45, 55x3
    Front squat 60, 70, 80
    Back squat 125 x 3
    Hang Power Snatch 45 lbs x 5
    Jump Tucks 20
    8 min 5 reps + 2 power snatches

    Craig, Chanda, and I had a blast on the trampoline and doing cartwheels before the workout. Who ever thought playing like kids can give you a workout!
    Thanks Craig We Love you.
    Kyle--we love you too for rooting us on with the SWOD. You guys are the best!

  3. Craig told me to take a week off and let my arm heal, I Love You Craig, don't want to be left out of all the Love. Larry, Larry, Larry, where were you this morning, and come to think about it where you yesterday? Missed Miss Danyel this morning.

  4. Chanda, Kelly, and Kate. You all entered your workouts into comments, but you did so for Feb 5th. Try again on the correct day. And Chanda you did a 23.5 inch box jump today

  5. Swod: 45X5, 75X3, 125X1

  6. Looks like the am girls are getting stronger! I am missing all the fun... can't wait to be back!!

  7. Just another Cheerleader here,

    SWOD: O.H. Squats ?, Front Squats 185, Rear squats 185 My legs were finished by the rear Squats.

    METCON: 4+5... Got 10 doubleubders my first set but could not repeat it, Nicole was there for the afternooners collecting data so Bill sandbagged to throw her off.

  8. OS: 105
    FS: 135
    BS: 295
    Metcon: 4,3

  9. SWOD: OHS 65
    Front Squat 85
    Back Squat 115
    METCON: 7+5+1 (super box jumps)

  10. SWOD: OSH 65
    front squat 115
    back squat 165
    METCON: 6 rounds + 1 box jump (swimming style)

  11. SWOD: ohs 75,95 105
    fs 115,125,135
    bs 165,185,225
    metcon; 4 +5 strength & form was so bad on first set dropped from 95 to 75lbs. all d/u's got 6 straight one time.:)

  12. Overhead squats: 75x5
    front squat: 125x3
    back squat: 200x1 (same as my previous 1 rm)
    metcon: 5 rounds - double unders were slowing me down, but they're getting much better!
    See you in a week :)

  13. Swod w/ bands
    Metcon: 55 (too light)no penalties

  14. Overhead Squats 45 x 5
    Front Squats 75 X 3
    Back Sqluats 125 X 1

    Metcon: 4 rounds (35 lb bar, double unders)