Wednesday 4.14.10

Usain Bolt
Check out his "figure four", good posture, forward lean, and soft knee on the support leg. No wonder he's so fast!

Technique practice: Hang Power Snatch.

8 rounds of:
-100m Sprint
-100m Back Pedal as fast as you can
-1:00 Rest

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, practice the technique but go up to an empty bar to feel whether or not you are doing it right.

For the metcon, sprint all out for 100 m, then immediately back pedal the same distance. You time the rest periods yourself, coaches will keep the overall time. Your score is the start of the first 100m to the end of the last back pedal. Don't run over anyone!


  1. 100m sprints: 17:40

    Didn't want to get out of bed and come this morning, glad I did. Running backwards is crazay!!

  2. 100m sprints: 14:27

    Watch out for the cone, it's mean and it bites. lol

  3. Morning crew was lite but looked strong this morning. The hang power snatch is just plain odd. Too many moving parts.... We got great instruction from Nicole. She tried to Psyic the morning crew with tales of strength and endurance from the afternooers. It didn't work and its acknowledged she's now a afternooer spy. Theorning crew conducd counter-psyop measures on Nicole as she attempted to gather intel on our team.

    METCON: 8-100 meter sprints/100 meter backwards sprint,w/ 1 minute rest between sprints: 15:14

  4. Man no suppose to run backwards, another killer.

    100 meter sprints, rests seem shorter as you go, need to check watch, but at least I finished, 16:32, not bad for old man....

    Sorry you missed today, Bill, Kelly, Anthony, and Elizabeth

  5. The morning crew was Craig-less, but somehow managed to get it done. Great job everyone!

    I started the hang power snatch, and then decided to work on my new goal of a 225 snatch. So I did the following:

    Snatch up to 185 x 1, barely missed 195
    Pressing Snatch Balance up to 125 x 1
    Snatch Balance up to 225.
    Finished with a 1:10 handstand hold.

    I'll make up the sprints later today.

  6. I gotta agree with you, Paul! The back peddaling was the hardest part, my quads were screaming.

    100 meter sprints x 8: 14:11
    Thanks, John, for pushing me!

    Chanda, you're awesome for supporting Danyel at that crazy hour! I love watching you run. All I can think about is the first day you ran that mile and you said you can't proved yourself wrong!!! Nice job doing the hard stuff.

  7. 100 M Sprints 15:22
    (9:30 crew ran a true 100m unlike the early am,ers' who only ran 97m)

  8. I only got through half of the sprints.... I had a soccer game but felt guilty anyway. I have no idea what my time was.