Tuesday 4.13.10

Shoulder Press 6 x 3
Chin Ups 6 x 3

7 Rounds for time of:
-3 Jerks (Use the working weight from your shoulder press today)
-6 1-Arm KB Snatches each arm (44/26)
-9 Box Jumps (24/20)

WOD Tips:
For the shoulder presses, after a good warm up, do 6 sets of 3 reps using no less than your 5rm weight. In between sets, do 6 sets of 3 reps of weighted chin ups, negative chin ups, or the most difficult variation of the chin up for you.

For the metcon, use the same wight as you used for the presses. If you have to use a smaller KB or a shorter box, make sure you use pick the most difficult scaling option. Remember, it's not "as rx'd" if you don't use the right weights and box heights!


  1. Good Job Early AMers on the WOD and for stepping up against the PMers for the "Unknown Challenge at the unknown date and time"*.

    *(not the official name, thats still in the works)

    The challenge is well on its way to being formed and i did a test run today with a workout named Grace, 30 reps of Clean and Jerk @ 135 #.

    PR at 2:28

    Make sure you can make it Friday for a similar workout ramping up to the challenge.

  2. SWOD: used 115 lbs for strick shoulder press 6 sets x 3.

    Metcon: used 135 for the jerk and did step ups for box jumps. 12:06

    Challenge will be fun

  3. SWOD: used 45 lbs for shoulder press 6 sets x 3
    Getting close to a real chin up..happy with that progress.

    Metcon: 45 lbs for jerk, 18 lb kettle bell, 20" box jumps 12:37

  4. SWOD: 95 lbs for shoulder press 6 sets x 3 reps
    chin ups 6 x 3, I got stuck in my mind pull ups....oops that was for 2 sets, then i finished with chins ups.

    Metcon: 7 rounds of 95lbs for jerk, 35lb kettle bells (3 on left, 3 on right), 24" box step ups 9:36

    Nice job Dave, make the rest of us look bad while you do 6 kettle bells on each arm. LOL

    I'm paying now for being off so long.

  5. SWOD: 45 lbs shoulder press 6 sets x 3 (might have been able to do 50--will try next time) 6 rounds x 3 chinups (with tiny jump to get up)

    WOD: 7 rounds for time--45 lbs jerk, 18 lb snatch, 20" box jumps 12:02.

    Needed that stress relief!

  6. DAMN ELBOW....
    Couldn't do SWOD, so Craig said do some rowing, rowed for 5 min twice, first 1087 meters, second 1136 meters.

    WOD: Worked on form, used 35# bar
    35# Jerk
    18 lb Kettle bell
    20" box stepups = 6:12 for 7 rounds, then continued until Dave finished, did 9 more complete rounds, so 16 total. Sure would be nice if me left arm would heal. Going to Kool April Nites in Redding on Thursday, maybe some time off will "HELP". the morning crew was looking great, still missing a few, Kyle, Nicole, Fathia, Anthony, just to name a few, but at least John made it back.

  7. SWOD: Press at 175 ( I started at 185 and got 2 sets, dropped to 180 for one set, and finished at 175.) I also did 3 sets at 35 lbs for the chin ups, and the last 4 sets at 30 lbs. I guessed I overestimated myself today.

    Metcon: 175 lbs jerk, 44 lbs KB, 6 snatches each arm, 24" box jumps. 11:40 as rx'd.

  8. SWOD: Press 95Lbs

    METCON: 95Lb Jerks, 35 Lb KB, 6 snatches each arm, 24" box jumps, I forgot my time. only morning guy to get it right.

    Side note: The Challenge is on. Teams are made and now we wait for staff to name the exercise.

  9. SWOD: w/u45,75 105x6x3 shoulder press
    wieghted chinups 2 sets W/18 kb 2@ 26 lb 2@35
    hang the kb off your foot
    MetCon:105 lb. jerks,35lb. kb 24" box
    and I swear I dont remember the time 12-14 mins?
    its on the board..

  10. SWOD: 45, 75, 85 lbs.

    Metcon: 75 lbs. jerks, 26 lbs KB, 24" box

    Time: 23:59 :) okay it was 24:00...smoke-in!

    Really enjoyed the workout tonight. Thanks Coach Erica!

  11. SWOD: 55lbs, neg chin ups
    Metcon: 55lbs jerks, 15 lbs, 20' box

  12. shoulder press 115, 120, 130 6 rep. 3 sets
    chin-ups 5, 15 6 rep 3 sets
    WOD... 3ea jerks @ 125. 6ea arm KB one arm jerks. 24'' box jumps 9 ea.

  13. Swod: 55
    Metcon: 15:53 18 lb kettle, box and jerks as Rx

  14. Swod:55
    Metcon:1906 but with 45 bar

  15. SWOD 105lb 6x3
    15lb Wt. Chinups 6x3
    Metcon 19:26 (44,35 and 26lb KB)

  16. SWOD: 55
    Metcon:14:56 (15lb dumbell)