Monday 4.12.10

Dead Lift 5rm. Compare to 3.04.10.

3 Rounds for time of:
- 1:00 Burpees (full 6-count burpees, no sprawls!)
- 1:00 C2B Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)
- 1:00 HSPU's (Handstand Push Ups)
- 1:00 Rest

WOD Tips:
For the dead lifts, check your results from 3.04.10 and try and beat it by at least 10 lbs.

For the metcon, do as many reps as possible of each movement during the 1:00, resting as needed. record your number of reps per round of all movements, and total reps over all.


  1. SWOD: 300x5 deadlift (pr). Then did 225x13 and 135x22.

    Metcon: 23, 20, 19 =62 (hspu are still a little weak, about half on the range of motion really required, but its an improvement.)

    I also did 5 band assisted muscle ups. Good motivator excercise, makes it seem possible to get a real one.

  2. Wow, came in with a major headache and no voice. So sorry Danyel and the other AMers for that

    SWOD: could only manage 405 x 5 today.

    Metcon: 29, 30, 25 = 84.
    HSPU hurt your head when you have a headache

  3. The Challenge sign up is next to the front door. The Staff is still thinking about which "Named" exercise we will compete in (Come on Craig)....

    Had a hard time today getting going. Couldn't get any practice double unders and walked away from 135 deadlifts twice. Been doing the Zone diet for a week now and its ruff.

    SWOD: 235x5
    METCON: 26, 29, 35 = 90

  4. SWOD 210#

    81 29, 32, 30= 81

    Good thing Danyel showed up to save the AM Class, I guess the rain made everyone want to stay in bed. Sure have missed John, not sure what his problem is????

    I guess I owe Dave an apology for Friday, I'm sssorrry.....

  5. SWOD: deadlift 170x5. Only 5 over my last max, but it's still a PR. Working on getting over 200 1 rm.

    MetCon: 29, 33, arms are trashed! Fun stuff!

  6. SWOD: Deadlift 155 x 5 (PR)
    Metcon: 42, 35, 27 (Jumping Pull ups and Pike HSPU - no I am not super woman!)

    Just Craig and I this am, so we did the deadlifts together. I was chasing him though, he did like a million pounds and I came in close at 155. The metcon was crazy on the arms, but I had lots of cheerleaders egging me on. Great way to kick off the week!

  7. SWOD. 235x5 (pr)
    Metcon. 34,33,32 (Mixed c2b and regular
    pull ups)


    It seems some of the staff are feeling left out. How about we let two staff members "Coach" each group or we allow staff to join each team. Doug/Dani let me know.

  9. David, I' m open to whatever. Doug, what do you think?

  10. SWOD: Dead Lift up to 405 x 5. I wanted to go for that 440 PR, but I didn't have a belt at the PD gym and I didn't want to press my luck.

    Round 1: 15- 8- 8: 31
    Round 2: 15- 6- 6: 27
    Round 3: 16- 7- 4: 27
    Totals: 46-21-18: 85

    I was hoping for 90. HSPU's still suck! (Or I just suck at them). I held a 1:00 Handstand hold at the end just to punish myself for sucking.

  11. Im up for anything, maybe an invite crosstown rival..CFVV. Im sure of one thing though, a 4 hr. rain delay THEN a 9 inning baseball game is not in the best interrest of my well being. Think a 2 week no beer challenge would serve me well..yikes!


    I say the Trainers' participation is coaching the group, not being part of the challenge itself. And although I love the PMers, I work 5 days a week with the AMers, so I am naming myself AM Team Coach

  13. SWOD:255x5
    MetCon: as rx'd 27,29,20
    HSPU Really pmo! But will continue to do'em
    until goal is smashed!

  14. Dead lift: 255x5
    Metcon: 40,33,37

  15. Deadlifts: 225x5 - beat my previous 5rm by 50lbs- and just 10 lbs away from my 1rm!
    10-10-9 = 29
    10-11-6 = 27
    8-12-5= 25
    total 81 as rx'd!

  16. SWOD: 275 X 5
    METCON: 38, 37, 32

  17. SWOD 225x5
    Metcon 43,38,39

  18. Never was good at math, lets see, 1+1 B 2, I think I got it, so 215# no wonder I feel better....

    Thanks Coach

  19. Deadlift: 165X5 PR!
    Metcon: 40,40,40 jumping pullups and pike push-ups

  20. Swod: 205x5
    Metcon: 60,50,61 (pike p/u, jumping c2b)

  21. SWOD: 155X5 PR
    Metcon: (I think it was) 55, 55, 60 with pike pushups and jumping pullups