Friday 4.23.10

I wish I started CrossFit this early

SWOD: Jerk 1 RM. Anyway you can jerk it; Push, Split, or Rack.

Compare to 2.12.10

Metcon: "Chelsea"
Complete on the minute for 30 minutes:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 Squats

If you can't keep up with the minute pace, then do as many rounds as possible for 30 min. If you have pull ups, challenge yourself and try a few or all rounds as Chest to Bar Pull ups. It translates to greater power output, which in turn provides you with a greater fitness level.

Scores to comments sections.


  1. Well I must say this is the cutest little Compound dude of them all!

  2. One word...."sucks" :)The metcon was a killer. my whole is body is trashed today, cant wait to take a nap this afternoon. Then I want to bring my son tonight so he can feel the burn.

    SWOD: 175 on the jerk. To sore to from the week to get a good max (last max was 185).
    METCON: Finsihed most every round (all but 4) but was going puke on 17 so I had to rest that minute as well as min 22. only completed pull ups and push ups on round 12 and 26.

  3. Bill looks good brother, wish I could have been there to push you.

    Front squat: 5 Sets of 5 @135Lb
    Push Press: 5 Sets of 5 at 95Lb
    Back extentions: 5 Sets of 12
    Pull Ups: None (elbow sore as XXX)
    This big change in my weekly training and diet are begining to take its toll. Looking forward to getting back into the routine. As always looking at the POST the Morning crew rocks

  4. Jerk: 90lb Next time I'm sure to do 95!

    13 then rested, did 4 more rounds

  5. WOD: Chelsea All 30 Rounds (jumping pull ups, mix full/knee push ups) Woo, hoo!!!

  6. Nice job Dave, looks like you had a good strenght work out for the day. Good luck tomorrow and break 17! Then we can look forward to taco tuesday next week.

  7. SWOD: a very sloppy 90 lb X 1 rm

    Metcon: all 30 rounds!! (jumping pullups and mostly straight pushups)
    That was the hardest Chelsea I've ever done!!

  8. swod: 45-150 push jerk
    metcon: 27 rounds all kip's..still shaking. took off rnd's 20,24,27
    Im toast. Hard workin' bunch..YIKES!

  9. Now that I caught my breath, Thank You Nicole for pushing Bill and I this morning, that is an incredible workout. Now my shoulders are sore, having a hard time sitting down, oh yeah, 15 squats, times 30, I don't have enough toes or fingers. Anyway it really started my day, Nicole was awesome. Will be glad to see Dave back on Monday, along with Danyel of course....

  10. Swod: jerk 190lbs
    Metcon: 27 rounds
    Jump pull-ups
    17 rounds of mod push ups

  11. SWOD: 95lb x 1
    Metcon: 30mins- mix of real/knee pushups and jumping pullups

  12. well my son enjoyed his first workout with Brad. He is crazy sore now, especially since that was his first time doing squats and cleans.

  13. Yay! my little grant is famous...

  14. I was going to make up Chelsea today but I didn't have time. I did Cindy today instead and got 19 rounds + 5 pull ups + 10 push ups.