Thursday 4.22.10

There are many versions of sled pulling or dragging. This is one. Our Strength Workout today will cover another.

Sled Pulls
8-10 rounds @ 60 yards. Start with 45/ 35 lbs. Add weight each round till as Louis Simmons of Westside Barbell states;

"You’ve got too much weight when you’re walking like you’re drunk"

This style of sled dragging is with a double handle held between you legs and below your knees. The torso is bent over, but the chest is high. The strides are long. This is great for building the hamstrings.

Metcon: Complete 6 rounds:

3 Hang Power Cleans @ 80% of body weight
3 Twenty Yard Short Shuttle Runs

*Rest 45 seconds between rounds

**First, start in the middle of a 10 yard distance with one hand touching the ground. The athlete then pushes off their dominant leg in the opposite direction sprinting 5 yards. After covering this distance, as quickly as possible they reverse direction and go 10 yards the exact opposite way. Finally they reverse directions one last time ending the drill at the point where they started. Remember to sprint through the line. Walk back to the starting position and repeat. Remember the goal is maximal efforts on the runs so do not rush through the shuttle drills at half speed, so if you need to take a few seconds to recover between sprints that is acceptable. Max efforts is the goal.

Workouts and photo taken from CrossFit Football. Post weights and times to comments.


  1. Good Job Elizabeth Chanda Rachel and Kate for entering you times on the workouts. Unfortunately you did it on Wednesday instead of today

  2. my legs are fried, good leg day.

    SWOD: 140 lbs (+sled) on my 4th and final pull.

    Metcon: 9:49 used 170 lbs on the clean (80% bodywight was 168).

  3. Swod: 65 lbs + sled
    Metcon: 7:33 @ 65lbs
    Steffanie....where were you? Fun AM crew...wish I could get to more 5 am classes. I'm out till Saturday....bummer.

  4. WOD in Canada: 4 rounds for time.
    2-15'rope climbs
    15 ring dips
    50 air squats
    400m run with 60 lb fire hose

  5. swod: 400lbs (total including sled) 7 total rounds I think?
    metcon: 9:33 w/115lbs hang power cleans (not 80% of my body weight but I should be able to get it if I get my form right)

  6. SWOD: 280 pounds (including sled I think?)
    Metcon: 55 lbs 9:24

    Left my heart and soul on the sled and went all out. Had a hard time recovering and being able to do the metcon tonight. Had fun at the pm class, even saw one of my high school homies Stephanie and we had fun. Oh yeah, and thank goodness Nicole was there to root me on during my rest period!

  7. swod: 400lbs including sled yes, 7 rounds steve!
    metcon: 10:23 2rds@155lbs 4rds@135lbs

  8. swod: 340lbs including sled 6 rounds
    metcon: 9:55@55lbs

  9. SWOD: 300lbs (ran out of time)
    Metcon: 7:40@65lbs 1round @ 75 lbs

  10. No sled here at the lovey Ft Hunter Liggett. I did Tabota situps lookin for 6 more on Sturdays test.

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Bill hold that morning crew together until I get back. I think I read that Danyel took an evening class. Unless that was to trick the afternooners. Great job guys

  11. SWOD - Maxed @ 346 lbs. sled pull. I have the photo to prove it! Thanks Erica.

    Metcon: 3/ea 95 lbs. power cleans and 3/ea 20 yard shuttles x 6 rounds: 10:08

    Really fun drill tonight. Thanks!

  12. SWOD: 401
    Metcon:12:24 115lbs Power Cleans(sort of)should try lighter weight to get the technique down ?

  13. SWOD: I skipped the sled dragging and did jerks cause I won't be able to tomorrow. Split jerks up to 285, failed at 300 (pushed it a little forward and it got away from me).

    Metcon: As rx'd with 195 lbs in 8:33.

  14. Sled pulls: 246, I think...4 X 45, 1 X 35, sled X 31

    Metcon: 65 lbs