Wednesday 4.21.10

Skill WOD: Work Muscle Up/ Ring Dip Progressions. Work with a partner, band, and trainer and work on the skills needed to eventually pull a muscle up. If you have muscle ups, start working on weighted muscle ups, handstand ring push ups, etc. In short, play with the rings!

Metcon: Complete 3 rounds of:
50 yard Suicide Runs
Cones 10 m apart, run to 10m, back to start, 20 m, back to start, 30m and so on to 50m.
*120-180 seconds rest between rounds.
For a description of suicide runs, follow the below link to the CrossFit Football website.

Post Fastest times to comments.


  1. SWOD: Muscle Up practice--hold on rings, etc. Really hard work need to practice more

    WOD: Suicide Runs 9:23--and yes I felt like dying afterwards--I could hardly breathe and my lungs were screaming! I felt SO out of shape. I guess that means I need more sprint work!

  2. SWOD: Practiced the ring dips, and gained a new found respect for anyone who can do a muscle up. That is good stuff!

    Metcon: Suicide Runs 8:25 felt really good except for my heart wanting to beat out of my chest and the realization during the first round that I was still sore from the butt kicking I received on Monday.

  3. Well its day three here in not so sunny Fort Hunter Liggett. Today I did the Army PT test. Push-up, Sit-ups and 2 mile run. I went 8 over max on my push-up then 6 under max on sit-ups.

    P/U: 74
    2 mile run: 17:14
    I'm gonna do it again Saturday and work towards Maxing my sit-ups and knocking 14 seconds off the run. Miss the normal morning crew and CF workouts. OldDiver paul: its private general sir.

  4. SWOD: Modified to Rope Climbing

    MetCon: One lonely man at 930a dashing back and forth in the rain. Where was everybody?

  5. SWOD: muscle up wanna be night. Ya' know..just about the time i think my $%3@ dont break me in half. This stuff is getting good. Muscle up WILL happen!
    Suiflippincides: 8:48 day 10 of 14 day no beer challenge in the bag.

  6. Good job, "Lonely Mike" by the way.

  7. SWOD: ring hold practice
    Metcon: 9:50

  8. All day and only 7 comments?

    I did SWAT training today, so I did a workout with them. It consisted of AMRAP 12 min:

    3 Weighted Pull ups w/ 35# KB
    25m Sprint
    3 ring dips
    25m Spring

    I did 14 rounds.

  9. SWOD: pull up practice
    Metcon: 9:37

  10. sled was lots of fun at 35lbs

    3xpower clean at 45lbs
    3x20yard short shuttle runs

    where is everyone this morning?

  11. sled at 45lbs

    10:40 was slowed down by first three rounds... forgot to jump in the power clean and had a hard time getting them done. Next time should cut down by a solid minute.

  12. sled at 65

    9:04 3-power cleans @ 75lbs
    3-20 yard shuttle runs

  13. Muscle up practice....not quite there yet. Need to work on getting my head through.
    metcon: 8:38

  14. Metcon: Appropriately named suicide run 9:08

  15. SWOD: practiced ring holds

    Suicide runs: 8:52