Saturday 4.24.10

: Technique: Clean and Jerk

Metcon: Perform each exercise for 2:00 each:
-Walking lunge steps
-Jumping Pull-ups
-Box jumps, 20 inch box
-Double-unders/ Tuck jumps
-Ring dips/ or substitute
-Knees to elbows
-Kettlebell swings, 2 pood/ or heaviest possible
-Tire Flips (light tire)/ Deadlift tire if can’t flip
-Back extensions
-Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
-Rope climb ascents / or Rope Get up from Supine position and straight body

Post reps to comments.


  1. Unfortunitly, FHL does not have the equipment to let me do todays workout. So I did the Army PT test again and although I didn't get all my goals I increased in all areas and only missed my situp goal by one

    Run: 16:57 (Yahoo I broke the 17 minute barrier)
    Push-ups: 66 in 1 minute 10 seconds
    Situps: 71 in two minutes. 72 was my goal.
    I got to give a BIG thanks to Craig (Coaching) Bill (Pushing me to do one more rep)and Paul (Cheerleading). Oh yeah, and Christina for allowing Craig to eat with us every now and then. Now its time to direct my effort towards whipping the Afternooners in the Chalenge. See ya Monday

  2. Good Job Dave. You did the hard work

  3. great job dave! 1 week from monday is the challenge

  4. Metcon:280 and oh yeah got 2 double unders

  5. metcon:287 but no double unders 100 reg jumps - don't want to break another rope!

  6. I came, I conquered, but I did not count.

  7. ooohh today's looked like a great workout. Gonna have to put that one on my top 5 list when i can finally join the group and kick my own a*@#.

  8. Ran the statium stairs @ Sac. City College with my first born.18 flights x60 steps.
    Mix in 5 sets of KB swings/5 of abmat situps/5 of Partner med. ball toss/jog&walk 1/4 mile x 5.

  9. Spin class at 8am, breakfast at 9:30am, off to the the A's game by 10:15am. Arrived in plenty of time to get my LARGE Ryan Sweeney #21 jersey, not XL, or XXL, or XXXL and watch batting practice.

    Brought my own food, a turkey sandwich on WW and a couple of apples. No beer:)!

    A's lost to the Tribe 6-1. over all good day.

  10. Good Job Jerry and good will power. I always have to grab a ball park frank.....or 5

  11. Great job on your PT test, Dave!

  12. Dave,

    Sis Boom, Ba, You did a great job, didn't mention your shoulder or anything else, you're a great leader, show'em how it's done. Now get ready for next week, I hope Craig is back to full strength, see ya Monday.... :-)

  13. Thanks everybody for the help along the way. Now lets get ready to put this chalenge to bed