Sunday 4.25.10

And this guy doesn't even CrossFit yet. Imagine if he did.


"If you look at our ancestral activity patterns, you can see that we had lots of languid periods of rest interspersed with a few short bursts of very-high-intensity efforts.... I believe in variety and intensity of exercise." -Arthur S. De Vany, professor of economics at the University of California, Irvine, speaking on segment 108 ("Can you really extend your life?") of the PBS’s "Closer to Truth"

The definition of CrossFit that they teach at the Level I Certification is "constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity." However, what does intensity mean to you? Webster's Dictionary describes it as an 'extreme degree of strength, force, energy or feeling.'

Intensity can mean different things; completing reps or workouts at as fast pace is the way most of us think, but that is only one version. Some other ways I have used intensity to increase my fitness is:

1) first and foremost to increase the weight on the workouts, my goal was to be able to complete any workout I encountered at the prescribed weight. (Ex: Men's weight is 95 #, and you (male or female) can complete it at 65 #-try to increase by 5# each subsequent workout till you can complete any workout at that weight)
2) slow down slightly during the workout and ensure you preform each rep as perfectly as possible. (Ex: Squatting below parallel, with a straight and tight back, knees out over toes, etc.-even when completing 450 reps like on "Chelsea")
3) perform the workout to the highest level possible, it may slow down your time, but you will have done more work in the workout which means a greater power output (Ex: you have pull ups so you perfrom chest to bar pull ups now -OR- your can't complete push up workouts with true push ups, but you take longer rest periods and try to complete it before dropping to knee push ups.)

As is stated in the CrossFit article "What is Fitness", 'If you only work your weight training at low reps you won’t develop the localized muscular endurance that you might have otherwise. If you work high reps exclusively you won’t build the same strength or power that you would have at low rep. There are advantages and disadvantages to working out slowly, quickly, high weight, low weight, “cardio” before, cardio after, etc. You must always keep it varied.' CC


  1. nicley written Craig. I really like the goal of being able to do all workouts at the RX.

  2. I really like the picture of Kramer, but it is a nice article

  3. Constantly varied has certainly been realized, the "Labels" column to the left is proof of that. Its the,"as prescribed" that is still a work in progress for me. There are days that my ego must be checked at the door and understand that I/we are still learning much of this and as long as I track the wods and review past performance, it seems to motivate me to increase weight,reps,or speed. Had no idea that Crossfit could transform US into stronger, more useful human's. Thank's..see you Monday!

  4. Labels column to the RIGHT..need to proof read before posting.

  5. Thanks for the comments, think this is the most anyone has posted on a Sunday already! That's Autry in the picture.

  6. Good points, Doug. Sometimes "checking the ego at the door" means using a a lower weight for safety's sake. But more often, it means using the rx'd weight because you can do it safely, and then getting a much slower time. But in doing so, over time, your strength, your stamina, and all the ten physical capacities will be increased, and then you will work on getting the times down.

    CrossFit has been called the "Sport of Fitness" because it is always a competition. But be in competition with yourself. Move more weight this week than last, get a faster time this time around. Checking your ego means I don't care what weights and times Craig has, I want to beat what I did last time.

    And Doug makes a good point about tracking your progress. If I scale a WOD, I want to know exactly which part I scaled, and how much I scaled it. If I'm supposed to use the 62 lbs kettle bell, but I only use the 35, I want to write that down. Then next time, I'm going to do everything I can to use the 44 lbs bell, and then the 53, and so on until I can safely use the rx'd weight. But if there's several weeks or months that go by without repeating a certain WOD, and I haven't recorded what I did the last time, how will I know what weights I used, how it felt, can I go up, etc.

    Sorry for the rant, guys, but each of of us has to take control of our own fitness. CrossFit is data driven, so record all your data and set new PR's each and every week!

  7. Nice posts today guys! I have been increasing the weight in the WODs lately and my time is definately longer, BUT the intensity is still there for sure. I also have found that when I push myself in the SWOD, I need longer recovery for the Metcon because my muscles are so fatigued.

    I always look at the WOD the night before and refer to my book to see what I did last time. Then I set a goal for the WOD the next day. It saves time in class and you can really be prepared to hit your goals. Nothing is more motivating than seeing that you lifted more weight than last time, or did better in a a Metcon.

    Now I am ranting, but I did do a distance run today and speaking of improvements:

    7 miles: 9 min 36 sec pace.

  8. Wahoo Danyel very nice pace and for 7 miles, "Morning crew rules."

    I've been keeping track fairly well from the begining (8 months) now and it has been the third best thing at making me work harder. Group support, knowledgeable trainers who truely want you to succeed and my book. Being one who has recently started the zone diet with cross Fit I can't understate how much of a difference my training has improved with something so simple as watching what I'm eating. Autry need to come to the gym.

  9. The afternoon crew is pretty awsome too..... I think that The Compound as a whole is pretty fantastic. I'm glad to be a part of it.

  10. Thanks Dani, You guys are awesome too. But we need to get more of the afternoon crew on the website posting and whatnot. It really adds to the dynamic of the Compound as a group, supporting each other and seeing each other's achievements.