Monday 4.26.10

In the late 1800's a simple exercise called the Health Lift was believed to provide the only physical fitness a man needed. The Health Lift was a very simple exercise: pile heavy weights onto a bar and lift it. Workout completed, fitness and health improved- instantly. Today we have another name for the Health Lift: the Deadlift. The name comes from the fact that we are lifting the weight from a dead stop. Name change notwithstanding, it is still of one of the best ways to build total body strength.

Deadlift 3x5

AMRAP in 12:00 of:
- 3 Power Snatches (135/95)
- 6 C2B Pull Ups
- 9 Push Presses (with the power snatch weight)

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, this week we will focus on 3x5's instead of working up to maxes. This means that after a good warm up with the lift, I will pick a weight and keep the weight the same for 3 sets of 5 reps. The weight should be challenging enough that rep four is very demanding, and rep 5 is not a foregone conclusion.

For the metcon, the power snatches are meant to be relatively heavy, so even if you're not doing rx'd weight, do something heavy for you. C2B means chest to bar, and the reps don't count if you don't get it! For the push presses, power clean the weight to start, don't use the squat racks.

Post weights and times to the comments section. bc


  1. Metcon: Kyle challenged me to muscle ups instead of C2B pull ups.
    3 rounds + 5 muscle ups

    SWOD: did it after metcon
    410 x 3 x 5

    Good job today, 5 and 530 classes were focused today

  2. Deadlift - 215 - 3X5

    Metcon 7 rounds + 3 PS

    Good show this morning, Danyel was back, but missed Anthony. Nicole was still pushing when Craig was busy.
    Dave was back for today, then off to Texas, keep up the good work Dave....

  3. Deadlift - 135 - 3x5
    Metcon 2 rounds + 9 (55lbs)

    Woowee! Obviously struggled with that weight for the metcon. Very frustrating, but will still continue with my goal of increasing my stregnth. I will worry about how many rounds I complete or how fast I do the workout later. :)

  4. SWOD 1x215

    4Rds + 9(2@95,2@75)

    Saturday Loop The Lagoon Tower Challenge Sign up at Fleet Feet

  5. We have been talking a lot about using your warm up to work towards your goals, so I thought I would post what I did today for my warm up as an example:

    Deadlifts: I started with an empty bar an worked my way to my working sets.
    In between warm up sets of deadleifts, I did:
    -100 turns of jump rope (it gets me warmed up and helps practice the spring off the ground that helps in double unders)
    -5 GHD Sit Ups to practice the movement, increase my range of motion on it, and counterbalance all the posterior chain work today.
    -1 Kipping Muscle Up, working on trying to get two in a row. I'm not there yet but close a few times. My goal is to hit 3 consecutively by June 31st.

    Deadlift 425 x 3 sets x 5 reps

    6 rounds exactly as rx'd.

    I did one set of max handstand holds on the parallettes, since I'm trying to increase my overhead pressing strength.

    Sorry, long post, but I wanted to show how you can take our programming, and utilize the warm up and any extra time you have to work toward goals you've set for yourself.

  6. SWOD: 255 lbs 3X5

    Metcon: 4 rounds+4 reps. 95lbs on the snatch/press and practiced muscle ups with the band again.

  7. swod: 115
    Wod: 5+3 snatch

  8. swod: 135,185,225,275 all x5 then..(drumroll)295x1(pr) didnt follow instructions so went for pr @ the end.
    wod:4(+3+6+1)95 lb. snatches need' sho'

    Tip of the day by an enthusiastic commoner..spray silicon lubricant on your jumprope hardware...smooth sailin'.

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  10. Swod 3x5x 185
    Metcon 4(3+6) 55
    Stephannie, Melissa, Kristen where were you???

  11. warm-up: 1.5 mile run- 13:00 - good baseline for improvement, hopefully I can take off a minute or two by 12 May!

    deadlifts: 3x5 @205, but form was atrocious and my lower back will be sore.
    metcon as rx'd: 3 full rounds with 95#, + 3 snatch, 6 C2B pull ups

  12. SWOD: 3X5@ 255

  13. Great Job PM classes, especially that 7 pm class with John (I deleted your comment "due to content"), Angela (first kipping pull upS!!), Tammy (no one cried, especially me this time), and Dani (she made me write this).

    Now don't tell AM about the secret plan to beat them in the Challenge we came up with.

  14. SWOD 3x5x215 DL
    Metcon 3(+3+6+2)x75

  15. SWOD: 3X5 @ 155 Had to work through the lingering pain from Chelsea last week!

    Metcon: 4 Rounds + 3 snatch, 6 knee band pull ups, 45#

  16. WOD @ FirePower: 4 rounds for time. Cant remember my time though.It was a good cardio workout.
    20 elevated, close grip, push-ups.
    10 pull-ups
    30 air squats
    30 back ext.