Tuesday 4.27.10

It doesn't have to be like this to be "as rx'd" but I would like to see it!

Pull Ups 3x5
Ring Dips 3 x max reps (in between sets of pull ups)

"21's" of:
- Double Unders
- Abmat Sit Ups

Compare to 2.05.10.

WOD Tips:
For this SWOD, find a weight you can get 5 reps with and do that 3 times. If you can't get weighted pull ups, do the most difficult version of a pull ups you can do with the goal of working towards pull ups. Don't forget to practice those ring dips in between sets. They're essential to working towards a muscle up!

For the metcon, check your time from when we did this before and beat it! If you scaled the workout by substituting for double unders, you have two options: use the same substitution and beat your old time, or do actual double unders which may take longer but will be more beneficial in the long run! The sub for this is tuck jumps, NOT single jumps. Single jumps are not intense enough to get the benefits of this WOD!

Post weights and times tot he comments section! bc


  1. 21's Who ever thought of that??? 23:18

    Small class, No "DANYEL", Anthony, John, there's always tomorrow.

    Congrats to Chanda on getting those Double Unders....

  2. Smoked!!!!!!

    21's:27:19 which is 7 minutes faster than in Feb...
    Squat Clean: 135 one round Max with a 145 attempt. Need to improve my initial burst and catching the bar lower. Improved but still more to do. Great showing this morning gals/guys..

  3. Weighted pull ups: 3 x 5 x 35#
    Ring dip: 11, 8, 9

    Metcon: 15:05

  4. SWOD 3 sets of strict slow count with dead hang pull ups. 3 reps each time. Bar dips, 7, 9, and 6.

    MECON: 21's (DU & situps) = 17:25

  5. swod: neg pull ups 3x5

  6. Good Day!!! Got my first kipping pull up - and there were witnesses :)
    SWOD: Kipping pull-ups, ring/bar dips
    WOD: 18:32 DU Beat my last time of 22:15. Woo hoo!!

  7. I saw Holly do a kipping pull up!!!
    SWOD: negative pullups, ring holds
    WOD: 33:16 with double unders! Last time I was faster, but did tuck jumps.

  8. Yay Holly!!! Good for you.

  9. SWOD: Up to 40lbs but had to cut it short due to time.

    Metcon: 13:43 as rx'd. About 20 seconds slower than last time! Son of a...

  10. SWOD: Intro to Ring Dips 101 by Coach Erica and 3x5 pull ups/neg pull ups. Ugh!

    Metcon: 21's of Double Unders and Abmat Situps

    Never did a DU until tonight. Started out with a jump rope determined to find a way to get one. Five minutes into the metcon I did DU #1. I then went through the metcon with tuck jumps and sit ups until the end and finished with DU #2 and 20 sit ups. Time: 29:30

  11. swod; 3x5 @ +10,+15,+20x1 +4 body weight
    metcon:15:23 as rx'd!! Double unders just clicked:)
    congrates to Holly and Angelia, Kipping pullups!!

  12. Nice work Holly! Kipping...that's next on my bucket list.

  13. Metcon: 27:27

    No SWOD due to injury.

  14. Metcon: 21:09 mixed tuck jumps/singles

  15. SWOD: strict pullups (hands are bleeding...ouch!) dips 3x 10

    MetCon: 15:15 as Rx

  16. Metcon: 22:17 singles and tucks rotating - situps as rx'd

  17. Wt Pull-Ups Max=35lbs
    RingDips Max=9
    MetCon 16:08 9(Modified DUs'to Tuck Jumps because I'm to uncoordinated to do double unders)

  18. I forgot to say, Craig said because I couldn't do DU's I had to double the singles, i.e. 40, 38, 36, etc. but you have to learn somehow, I remember when I couldn't do one single under, today I hit 16 in a row at one point....

  19. FirePower WOD: 5 rounds for time. 14:00 min
    200 m sprint row.
    10 wall ball (20 lb ball).
    2 15' rope climbs.
    Nice work Holly!!!

  20. SWOD: Negative pullups and ring dips with feet on the ground

    Metcon: 20:14
    1/2 DU's and 1/2 tuck jumps...I should have pushed myself to do all DU's but I was sore from running up Wykoff, next time...