Wednesday 4.28.10

The bottom position of the clean. Notice her high elbows, upright posture, and deep squat position.

Clean 1rm, the 5x1 at 85% of your max for the day.

Tabata Mash Up:
- Burpees
- KB Swings (53/35)

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, work up to your max clean for the day. Then, take 85% of that number and do 5 singles with it. Take what rest you need while working up to your max, but try and keep the rest periods to 60-90 seconds for the 5 singles at 85%.

For the metcon, do 8 rounds of :20 of max rep burpees, :10 rest, :20 of max rep KB swings, :10 rest for 8 total rounds. The burpees should be full 6-count burpees with a max effort jump. The swings should be full American swings (KB overhead) unless you are limited by shoulder issues. In that case do Russian swings.

Post weights and Tabata scores to the comments section. bc


  1. Craig, is this "squat girl?" Just wondering, cuz she keeps showing up on the blog :)

  2. 85 1-RM clean
    75x5 times clean

    Tabata mash up
    kettle ball (35)- 7

  3. SWOD: 85 x 1 Clean

    (Shout out to Craig for always giving me the push I need to do better)

    Burpees: 3
    KB Swings: 6
    35 lb KB

  4. Dave from the afternoon shift was there, he is recovering from his surgery,we were put on the rowing machines, needed to row 2500 meters in ten cycles, I made it to 2632 Meters.

    Good to have Danyel back, still miss Anthony, hope he is back for the "Monday Challenge". Haven't seen Fathia in so long, hope she is doing better.

    No Bill this morning??? Foggy in Napa???

  5. SWOD 115 max 5x 90
    Metcon 7 kb 5 Burpees

  6. swod practice with bar
    wod burpies 3, kb 5 26/18

  7. SWOD:Power Clean 85 1 RM, 75 x 5
    WOD: Burpee 4, KB 9

  8. SWOD: Clean 115 1 RM, 85X5
    WOD: Burpee 5, KB 9

  9. Nice workout everybody, Sitting here in the lovely El Paso, Tx. area I decided to give me a day off. I'm feelin the past week too. My back, calves, arms, hell my body is sore... Nicole, you got give squat girl points for those abs....

    Not sure what I'm going to do for Thursday but forsure its body weight.

  10. Swod: 85 x1, 70x5
    Metcon: 4 burpees, KB 10 (35 lbs)

  11. FirePower WOD: 10,9,8-> 1 reps:75 lbs. 14:08 min
    Overhead squat.
    Sumo DL HP.
    Push Press.
    Used lite weight because my Overhead squat needed help. I worked on it the last couple of weeks and noticed a huge improvement. I will use more weight next time.

  12. Swod: 165x1, 135x5
    Metcon: 4 burpees,6 kb swings@53lbs=10

  13. SWOD: 85x1...I couldn't get under 95
    Metcon: 4 burps, 9 kb's (35 lbs)

  14. Done a few days later after hitting a 1RM snatch PR of 205!

    Tabata Burpees: 5
    Tabata 53 lbs KB Swings: 10

    Score: 15