Thursday 4.29.10

This is an example of BAD running form. The heel is about to strike first which will send send shock waves all the way up the body leading to injuries over time. The lead foot striking the ground out in front of the body will act to slow the runner down with each step. The rear-leaning posture will not allow gravity to work in his favor, so the runner will be working harder to go slower. The rear leg shooting too far out the back indicates the foot was on the ground too long, which means more friction, which slows you down.

Shoulder Press 3x5

5k run. Compare to 3.20.10.

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, after a good warm up, perform 3 sets of 5 reps with a maximal weight. No leg drive, no knee bend!

For the metcon, remember this is NOT a leisurely jog. This is meant to be an all out effort like all our WOD's so that when you cross that finish line you could not possibly run any more, then record that huge PR on the white board and in the comments section.


  1. I hear the challenge is Monday?? I missed all week, going through some heavy stuff with family issues and am beat down! Not sure if I am up for the challenge yet.

    Missing my cf family. :(

  2. 5K 32:24 First 5K in over 10 years

  3. We miss you too, Kelly. Hopefully your family stuff works its way out and we'll be here when you're ready to go! bc

  4. 5K 32:24 First 5k ever

  5. swod: 3x5 70lb
    metcon: 5k run 35:15

  6. What's the route of march for the 5K? That's Army National Guard talk Nicole.

  7. Killin' it old school in the garage..back with my people tommorw.190 mile commute is just wrong. I was super stoked about the double unders the other night..The Compound and the people in it ROCK!!

  8. FirePower WOD: 20min As many rounds as you can.
    10 DL w/205 lb
    10 burpee
    10 wall ball 20lb
    10 box jump 20''
    completed 6.50 sets.
    Finally got my Muscle-Ups. Once you get the form down its like riding a bike. Im pumped. Next up... 20 straight Double Unders.

  9. Nice, Kenny! And Doug, great work on the double unders! People are knocking out new skills left and right!

  10. 75# press 3x5
    2.5 K in 12:30 ran out of time to finish

  11. Swod 55x5, 60x1
    Metcon:29:31 PR!!!!!

  12. SWOD 3x5x95
    Metcon 24:42 Rowing 5k

  13. SWOD: Shoulder Press 65lbs 3 x 5
    Metcon: 5k 21:54 (PR)

  14. SWOD: 55x3x5
    Metcon: 24:05 (PR)