Friday 4.30.10

For proper depth in the back squat, the crease of the hip must go below the knee. This diagram illustrates proper depth. Most people judge "parallel" when the upper leg is parallel to the ground. This is not full range of motion and will set you up for strength imbalances and injury.
Back Squat 3x5
5 Rounds for time of:
- 4 Handstand Push Ups
- 8 Ground to overhead (135/95)
- 12 Burpees
WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, remember these are three sets of 5 reps at the SAME WEIGHT. After a good warm up, start working your way up with progressively heavier weights until you find your work set weight. Trainers will assist you with finding the appropriate weights.
For the metcon, if you have to substitute for HSPU's do pike push ups as high as possible. Ground to overhead means anyway possible. Power clean to press, clean to jerk, deadlift, to reverse curl, to press: however you can get the bar off the floor and over your head. Burpees are full 6-count burpees with a maximal effort jump on each rep.
Post weights and times to the comments sections. bc


  1. 85 Lbs squats, knee didn't hurt today, mayber it's getting better...

    10 rounds 4 Box Jumps 8 knee dips, 12 back extensions: 16:10

    Good Luck with your half marathon Danyel, you will do good. See everyone on Monday

  2. I have not Back Squated since 03-01-10. And it felt like it.

    SWOD: 365 x 3 x 5
    Metcon: 14:57 as Rx'd

    Good job Elizabeth on your 5K goal PR yesterday. I'm sorry I missed it.

  3. swod: 225x3x5 box squats
    Metcon: 26:40 with rx 135 clean and jerk. I still have limited ranged on hspu, buts getting better.

    METCON 20:30 WITH 95LB RX'D

  5. Swod: 95 3x5
    Wod: 33:42 pike and 55lb

  6. First one wrong
    Swod: 95 3x5
    wod: 33:42 pike and 65lb

  7. SWOD: 115 3 x 5
    Metcon: 1 round (75 pounds) 4 rounds (65 pounds)

    This is actually Danyel posting for Elizabeth who is on the road and can't get to a computer. But Craig pumped so much fear in her, that she called and had me do it so she didn't have to do like 100 burpees or something! Oh yeah, speedy gonzales also met one of her goals yesterday by running 5k in 21:54!!!

  8. JOSH (bills son)

    SWOD: 125x3x5 (PR)
    METCON: 19:08 (used 45lb bar for cleans, did full range hspu)

  9. SWOD: 115lbs

    Metcon: 20:56 (HSPU's, 65 lb clean and jerk)

  10. Compound are all my hero's! Watching the goals being hammered is great! Decided to take a few days off. Seemed to do me a world of good the last time.No real injuries just a couple of nagging painful spots..ankle,elbow,shoulder. Will be back at "The Compound" on Monday.
    Muscles seem to hanging in there great..its tendon and joint discomfort that raised a red flag. Thoughts anyone?