Friday 5.21.10

Dave W. showing us how broad jumps are done...and with only one good arm!

SWOD: Bench Press 5-4-3-2-1

Start with finding a 5 rep max for the day. Then continue to do one set of 4,3, 2, and 1 rep, trying to increase the weight each set.

Metcon: 7 rounds:

-Jump Rope, 2 minutes
-Rest, for one minute.

Can you continue this for 7 rounds? This is 21 minutes, but just 14 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Go for it!! If you have considerable jump rope experience, "double under" for two minutes rest for one.

Keep track of your jumps each set, whether you performed singles, doubles, or a mixture of both.

Post your weights and best and worst jump rope rounds to comments. cc


  1. bench press- 85lbs x 5
    90lbs x 4
    metcon-7 rounds
    jump rope 2 min
    rest 1 min

  2. 125# X 5
    105#, 110#, 115#

    102/145 Single Undeers X 7 rds

    Good workout, be back next Thursday, See Ya....

  3. bench press- 165lbs x 5, 185x 3, 200x2, 205 x1
    metcon single unders: 148/176 x 7 rnds

  4. Bench press 125x5,130x4,135x3, 140x1, 140, x 1
    Jump rope 200/142..7 rounds

  5. WOD: Bench press 75x5 85x5 105x5 105x4 105x3 105x2 105x1

    METCON: Jump rope 163/100...7 Rounds

  6. Did yesterday's WOD this morning. I'm gonna hit today's WOD tonight.

    MetCon: 20:45, 95lb cleans, chest-to-bar pull-ups

  7. WOD: 135, 145,160, 175 (Nope), 165 (nope) Next time.

  8. Rack Jerk up to 315 x 1 RM.
    Didn't have time for metcon.

  9. SWOD: 165x5, 175x4, 180x3, 185x2, 205x0

    ran out of time for the wod

  10. SWOD: 1 rep max: 95lbs

    Metcon: 7 rounds highest 264/lowest 238

  11. 65# Bench, High 200, Low 181 Total=381

  12. No SWOD
    WOD 170 low, 264 high, total=434

  13. SWOD 145x5

    Metcon: hi 194 + lo 156 = 450

  14. Swod (from home) 85x5. 95x4,3,2
    No metcon

  15. SWOD:
    I skipped the bench today to work some overhead pressing instead. I worked up to 26#5 for a push press 1rm PR. Then I worked up to a 315# rack jerk 1rm PR. Then I dropped down and did 190# 5rm shoulder press PR.

    I skipped it today because I was feeling pretty run down from a 6-day work week with 5 straight workout days.

  16. w/u: ring pushups w/ feet stacked on the handle of 63 lb. KB 3x10, Jump rope,situps 40 or so,Pass flippin' through's 1x20 1x10
    SWOD:155x5, 160x4,170x3x2x1 (w, Kyle assit @170's)
    MetCon: 307,309,337,326,317,301,336
    644 hi/low score. That was intense! All singles

  17. Doug is a jump rope monster!
    Hit a wall at 210 with the bench press, my shoulders just couldn't take it. I can't seem to find a grip that works for them. My combined score on jump rope was 484.

  18. Bench press: 75x5, 80x4, 85x3, 90x2, 95x1...all with a lot of help from Kyle's fingertip spotting.

    Metcon: 278+213=491...lost count on a couple of rounds and my rope swivel jammed on the last round