Saturday 5.22.10

A full range of motion GHD Sit Up.

GHD Sit Up practice.

30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 rep rounds of:
- Wall Ball (20 lbs to 10 ft target, or appropriate scaling option)
- Burpee Box Jumps (18/12)

WOD Tips:
The GHD Sit Up is the by far the hardest sit up variation we do at the Compound. Done correctly it'll challenge even the strongest among us. Done incorrectly and it can lead to injuries. The legs must be flexed on the way down, and extended aggressively on the way up. It ain't just an "ab" movement!

For the metcon, pick the heaviest ball you can throw at the highest target for maximum benefit. The box height for the burpee box jumps is up to you as well. Rx'd is 18/12 but push it if you're feeling extra jumpy.


  1. SWOD:
    Cleans up to 300x1 for a new 1rm PR!
    Then I did 255x1 every minute on the minute for 5:00 (85% of 1rm).

    I was going to run a 5k after the 9:00am class, but Aerials needed help moving two huge balance beams out of OUR new space, so I ran out of time. Maybe I'll run a 5k later tonight or tomorrow morning.

  2. Metcon with Steffani 37:58 20lb ball/tall box (but not the tallest)

  3. Tough Mudder anyone?! Google it....

    Metcon: MikeC and Chris 34:15ish

  5. Well being back down herre at Ft Hunter Liggett, it was decided to turn the heat up on the Army folks. Today we did 10 thirthy second exercises with no breaks. The object was to challenge them and keep it fun.
    Jump Squats-Run stance squats- Airbourne Heisman-Squats jacks-Squat reach jumps- Squat reach pickups-double Airbourne Heisman- circle run (1 minute)- Jump knee tucks- and mary Kathleen lunges. Needles to say my legs are shot. See you all Monday.

  6. Dani,

    I did and it looks fun and painful. What are you thinking? Maybe a Compound team? Hmmmmm... I'm begining to like the idea the more I think about it. Wonder if any of the coaches have it in them.
    Craig, Brad, Kyle, Nicole, Brandy ?

  7. Metcon: Team Rachel and Danyel had a good thing going. This workout was so EASY that we did 5 extra just because. Actually, now that I think back, I think our cognitive skills were fuzzy because of the endless burpees, box jumps, and wall balls and we forgot how to count. Anywhoo, we ended up with 34:something.

    Fun group, fun workout. Saw some new faces and that always makes me happy.

  8. Dave, who's Brandy? Dani, count Dave and I in!

    Today I worked up to a 190# Snatch, then 5 @ 145 (75%).

    Then i did the jump rope workout from yesterday using double unders.

    High- 77(rd 1)
    Low-40(rd 6)
    Most strung together- 30 (rd 5). I think that's why round 6 was so low

  9. I hear ya' Craig.. who's Brandy? Felt like I was slacking on the single unders until about round 4 and determined they are two different disciplines. yikes!! Good job Craig!

  10. Team Kelly and Chanda did it in 38:05. We used the short box jump and the 14 lb ball alternating as needed to the 10 lb ball. Great workout!