Thursday 5.20.10

Push ups: Steffanie, keeping her body rigid.....Kenny, not so much. But Saturday's workout was hard enough to break down everyone's form.

SWOD: Max Distance Broad Jump

*You have 10 attempts to complete your max broad jump. Jump and record longest distance.

Metcon: Five rounds for time of:
-8 pull ups (Scale up: 5 Muscle ups or chest to bar pull ups. Scale Down: 8 substitution of choice)
-10 Power cleans (135/ 95 lbs)
-Run 220 meters

If you have muscle ups, then do them for this workout. Even if you fail for many of the reps, performing the muscle ups during the workout will further your ability to do them. For those with a few pull ups, truly attempt to get as many unassisted ones as possible each round before scaling down.

Post longest distance for jumps and times to


  1. SWOD: 5"9'
    Metcon: 3 rounds
    85 lb. power clean

  2. SWOD- 5'4"
    8-pull ups
    10-clean (75LB)
    220 m run

  3. broad jump: 8'
    Metcon: 17:33 w/ m/u

    Good job Elizabeth for inputting your scores and for staying with the weight even though it was tough!

  4. SWOD: jumps were hard on my knees so I did power cleans for 1 rep max...195. still stuck there

    metcon: 18:37 (135 for cleans and did assisted muscle ups)

  5. SWOD:broad jump: 66inches
    Metcon: 43:20 1/2 rx'd and 1/2 85lb

    * it killed me! See y'all Monday

  6. SWOD: Broad Jump 83"
    WOD: Decided to struggle through "as rx'd" and I did it!
    5 Rounds 37:00
    8 pull-ups - Got 3 in a row - PR!
    95# Power Cleans (actually got better as I got tired)
    220 Meter Run

  7. SWOD:
    Worked up to a 275# overhead squat PR. Then I worked up to a 405# back squat. Then I did 3x5 225# good mornings.

    5 Rounds of:
    - 8 Pull Ups
    - 8 Dips
    - 10 Power Cleans 135#
    - 30 Double Unders

    Time: 16:50

  8. Swod: 6'9"
    Wod: 30:26 85# cleans

  9. Swod: 5'1"
    Metcon: 19:03 85lbs,banded pullups

    Craig, I came back....I felt like the biggest loser driving out of the parking lot this morning!!

  10. joel j
    swod 5.8
    metcon 22.09,95lbs jumping pull ups

  11. paul s
    swod 7.4
    metcon 19.23, 135 lbs. reg pull ups

  12. SWOD: 7.9
    Metcon: 23:39 (135#, muscle ups)
    I got to failure on the last set of muscle ups and didn't quite make all of them. (6 + 2 almost there)

  13. w/u: 3x10 ring push ups, 50 DU's,2x8 20" Boxjump
    pass throughs 20
    SWOD: 7'2"
    MetCon; 1 rnd. as RX'd. Dropped to 95lb. cleans and ring/planked pullups for the next four rounds, went with POSE techinque for most of the 220's Totally gassed!

  14. SWOD: Didn't write it down, but that is okay because I pretty much sucked at jumping.

    Metcon: 2.5 rounds @ 65lbs, 2.5 rounds @ 75 lbs
    Pull ups with a little help from the box

    I am happy that I was able to do half of the cleans at 75 lbs. :)

  15. Broadjump: 5.8 feet
    Metcon: 23:16
    Pullups with a little tiny jump, 75 lb power cleans. I still can't clean 95 lbs, and I could barely do 85 so I dropped to 75 and worked on my form. Thanks for trying to push me Nicole!

  16. SWOD 8ft jump
    Metcon: 23:45 at 135lbs. Hit 2 muscle ups out of 50 attempts. My forearms are SMOKED from all those attempts. If I can find a way to avoid using my forearm muscles this weekend I'm all for it.