Wednesday 5.19.10

This video explains the various back extension movements. Generally when we program Back Extensions, it is really Hip Extensions and that is the only one of the three movements we will do for speed and intensity. (Sorry, the music came with the video....turn it down if you don't like the words)

Skill WOD: Hip Extensions vs. Back Extension vs. Hip and Back Extension

Metcon: Complete 5 rounds for time of:
Sprint a 20 yds – 40 yds – 20 yds shuttle drill
8 Kettlebell Swings - heaviest weight you can handle with good form.
16 Sit ups

*Rest 1 minute between rounds.

*For shuttle drill, start by sprinting 20 yards, change directions and sprint back 40 yards, change direction and sprint back 20 yards through original starting point. Perform 8 Kb swings and 16 sit ups. Rest 1 minute and repeat...

Post fastest and slowest rounds to


  1. Gosh Darn It! I'm missing you guys, but still nursing shin splints from Saturday. Sprints are not a good idea for me.......Hope to see you guys soon....missing the workouts!

  2. METCOM: total time 8:48

  3. Metcon: total time w/rest 12:20 (8:20). Fastest round 1:32 Slowest 2:27. Seriously, the math was harder than the workout! Heehee.

  4. SWOD:
    I worked the snatch today and worked up to a PR of 215. Then I did 185, 1 rep on the minute for 5 minutes.

  5. Total Time incl rest 12:30
    Fastest. 1:31
    Slowest. 1:52

  6. Metcon: 10:37 Looks can be deceiving - doing situps on the hard pavement was much better than on the "soft" weed stickers!

  7. I ran back inside to do my kettlebells/situps....could have saved some time if I'd stayed outside. Next time. :)

  8. w/u..ring push ups 3x8,Pass throughs 3x8 Doulble unders 75 in four rounds 37 straight!! (PR!) Nicoles demo for hip,back and back/hip ext. were spot on compared to the video..nice job.I think the 4 of us all gained some skill today:)
    Metcon: YIKES! 10:37 Steff,Holly,John and I.That was fun. There was an observer/early bird spy lerking in the shadows...?

  9. Metcon: 10:24...concrete situps on the were fun!