Tuesday 5.18.10

SWOD: Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Compare to 2.24.10

Metcon: : “Diane”
Deadlift, 225
Handstand Push Ups

For the SWOD, The Thruster is a deep front squat to a push press all in one explosive movement. Warm up with light weight, then start your singles at a weight that you can continue to add on to each rep, getting close to your 1 RM on the 7th rep.

The Metcon today is one of the first "Girl" workouts and my all time favorite workout. But that doesn't mean I'm good at it, those HSPU still get me. For deadlifts use as high of a weight as you can while keeping your good form. If you can't do HSPU, then substitute it with Handstand Holds (kick up to a handstand and hold for 3 seconds= 1 rep). Remember to activate your shoulders "shrugging" them to your ears.

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. Swod: 75#
    Wod: 16:38 105# and handstand holds

  2. Thruster 245 x 1-Pr, failed at 255

    Diane- 11:13

    Last time i did Diane was in Aug 09 and I used abmat for hspu and did it in 7:48. taking the abmat away made hspu a big struggle today.

  3. Thruster: 125, shoulder and elbow still hurt...

    My Diane: 13:09, did ring push-ups not hspu

    Great turnout this morning, missed Bill and Danyel.

  4. Hey guys, I am doing this WOD tonight and I have a question. When I try to do a HSPU I can slightly bend my arms and go up, I still cannot do a full head to the abmat and back up. Is it better to do a handstand hold, or just dip as far as you can go?

    You know me...I am a planner so I need to know what I am doing when I show up!

  5. Danyel, it's a personal decision, but I always opt for the scaling option closest to what the rx'd activity is. So for me, limited range of motion hspu's are better than holds. What you can do is stack abmats 3 or 4 high until you can do sets of 3 to 5. Do the reps there taking as many breaks as you need. Then next time, try and use fewer abmats, or use the same and get more reps each time. Different ways to skin the same cat (no offense to cat lovers).

  6. SWOD:
    Worked up to 255# thruster for a 1rm PR. I was feeling it so I then did a 235# 3rm PR and a 210# 5rm PR also.

    As rx'd in 17:20. Deadlifts were easy and done without breaks. HSPU's, however, continue to to suck and take a long time.

  7. Swod: worked up to 95.
    Metcon: 12:58 deadlifts as Rx'd, hspu 1/4 with 2 abmats. I got my feet up by myself a few times...yay. Danyel called her hspu's 1/4 which would make mine more like 1/8 hspu's :)

  8. SWOD: to 135 lb. (failed @ 145) argh;(
    MetCon: rx'd the DL / incline pushups off 24" box. Shoulder not havin' the hspu tonight. 15:something

  9. SWOD: 85 lbs (PR)
    Metcon: 14:14 115 lbs DL and 1/4ish HSPU

    Love those deadlifts, my favorite lift. Thanks to Brad modified by using 2 abmats. Was able to slightly bend arms and get back up, which is a huge improvement from when I first attempted these. Dani and I decided we were going for 1/2 HSPU's next go round!

  10. SWOD: 95lbs
    Metcon: 155lb with box push ups

    Thanks Nicole and Kyle for working on my deadlift form...and Nicole thanks for sticking it out even when I was super frustrated :)

  11. SWOD: 60 lbs-worked on form
    Metcon: 95 lbs DL, handstands with some help 31:17

  12. SWOD: worked up to 80 lbs...thanks to Kyle secretly adding more weight
    Metcon: 16:15
    155 lb deadlift for the first half (21+3) then dropped to 125 lbs, 1/4 handstand push ups with 2 abmats...

  13. SWOD: 95 lbs - was really surprised I could do this.
    Metcon: 18:48 155lb that was rx'd and my 5 rep max has only been to 145 so I was quite pleased even though it took longer. 1/8 handstand pushups.