Friday 7.23.10

"Great" workout? Apparently we have led all the women at The Compound down the wrong fitness path. The gall of us asking you to lift more than 3 lbs!

What are your thoughts on this good, bad, or indifferent?

Snatch or Power Snatch 1rm.

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
- Double Unders
- Sit Ups


  1. Haha! That has to be the most fantastic workout ever!!!

    (Apparently, Gale has never taken an Exercise Physiology course)

    I suppose if someone wanted to be small and frail, they could do very little strength training to induce muscle atrophy, and do tons of cardio with one meal a day. You'll get skinny alright. (Did someone say Gwyneth or Gale had a nice butt? I didn't think so)

    Quote Becky "I guess I'm not a woman, because I lift more than 3 pounds. Good thing we don't have women like them at the Compound." I'd say we've got some Warrior Princesses up in here!

  2. Feeling a little run down lately so I'm modifying the CFFB WOD and laying off the metcon the rest of the week:

    -Power Snatch up to 195x1
    -Box Squat up to 405x1, then 10x2 at 295 with :45 rest between sets.
    -Goodmornings 225x 3 sets x 5 reps. My back is the first thing to give out at maximal weight on squats and deadlifts so I need to do some additional work for it.

    I also did HSPU's, ring pull ups, and GHD situps in between sets of strength work.

  3. The video clip is hilarious. 80 degrees!?!?!, well we worked out in at least 105 degrees! I agree with Becky, I'm very thankful we don't have women like them at the Compound!

  4. I saw this when it aired on Oprah and at the time I thought it was the silliest thing ever. Especially the jumping around the room, and rubber band stuff. I have also read that Gweneth Paltrow has a very strange diet, and I would not think she would have the energy for a CF metcon.

    Even though I love Crossfit and feel it is the best program for me, I don't know that it is for everybody. If there are women out there who like to follow a lighter fitness program, then that is fine too as long as they feel good about themselves and are healthy. People google CF and see people puking, bloody hands, or think they will get yelled at. I wish the women out there who do stick to 3 lb weights would just give it a try and see that it can be modified for all people, regardless of ability, and will make a difference in their lives.

  5. I agree with you Danyel, CF definetely isn't for everyone and if you try to make it for everyone then it gets watered down.

    My favorite part of the video though is when they say women should never lift more than 3 lbs. Then in the very next sentence they talk about carrying a 30 lbs baby! Something doesn't add up there.

  6. had to wing it tonight/swod: find 3rm on incline dumbell press. 60 lb. each hand 4x3 so if i could do 4 rnd's after.. maybe it wasnt my 3rm? Then 1rm on push press @ 150lb. pr

    Did some assorted Kb swings, one hand and two mixed in with DU'S and knee's to chest. yawn..i do way better with my people, see ya'll in the morning:)

  7. Snatch: 65 lbs
    metcon: 12:05

  8. My shoulders just don't like snatches, so I did cleans. 1rm @ 155
    metcon 10:14 I'm getting the hang of these double unders :)