Thursday 7.22.10

Well over 50 years of age and well over 400 lbs deadlift.

Come out to The Compound and find out what great WOD we have in store for you! It will no doubt be functional movement executed at high intensity designed to increase your fitness across broad time and modal domains!

Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.


  1. 195lb 1RM, 155lb x 10, 195(miss) 1RM, 115lb x 20, 185lb 1RM, 65lb x 30

  2. Deadlifts
    175x1, 135x10, 185x1 (pr), 105x20, 175x1, 85x30

    two pr's in a row, I feel like Brad!! ;)

  3. What's the point of lifting if you can't set new PR's? Nice work, Steffanie, but you got a ways to go if you want to beat DC on the deadlift!

  4. off, rest, chillin', good fresh food, ok (quality nor cal brew)

  5. glad I rolled the dice and showed up for the mystery workout. My favorite lift: Deadlifts:
    205 x 1(pr), 155x10, 205x1, 135x20, 205x.75, 85x30.

    When I stood up for the last 205 I didn't exactly have my right arm straight, so Kyle gave me credit for a partial rep. He is very strict!

  6. I don't know Brad she is close on my heels, I better step up my game now!

  7. What an exciting day!
    185x1,115x10,195x1(pr!),115x20,200x1(pr!), 85x30.

  8. Felt much, much better today....AND....deadlift is my favorite lift.

    335X1 225x10, 335 (failed rep) 185x20, 285x1 135x30

  9. 375x1 new pr 275x 30, 365x1, 225x 20, 315x1, 155x 10