Friday 8.13.10

This type of depth is not necessarily needed during overhead squats, but you should look to get below parallel. The facial expression, however, is required!

Overhead Squat 5rm. Compare to 3.08.10.

"Nancy" Compare to 3.12.10.
5 Rounds for time of:
- 400m Run
- 15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, if you know your 5rm, do a good warm up and then go for a new 5rm. If you don't know it, do sets of 5 adding weight each set until you can no longer get 5 reps. Click the link above to find out what you did last time. If you click it and don't find your name, make sure you comment on today's WOD so next time you click the "Compare To" link, you'll find a weight to beat!

For the metcon, snatch the weight into place for the overhead squats. Try and use the rx'd weight, but if you can't, use 50% of your 5rm weight. But again, you have to be able to snatch or power snatch the weight up first. Click the link above to compare to your last time we did Nancy. If you don't have a time recorded, see the above advice!

Post weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. SWOD: Overhead Squat 5RM-45lbs

    Metcon: 5 rounds in 21:33 of
    400 M Run
    15 Overhead Squats-35lbs

  2. overhead squat 55 lbs

    metcon: 26:33 35lbs

    love it

  3. SWOD- Overhead Squat 5RM - 80lbs got 2 at 85

    Metcon- 16:55 @ 55lb for overhead squat

  4. swOD: pipe

    metcon: 18:33 @ pipe overhead squat

  5. SWOD: Overhead Squat 5rm- 55lbs

    Metcon: 17:49 @ 45lb overhead squat

  6. swOD: little bar
    metcon: 17;40 @ little bar overhead squat

  7. Livin' the dream! The Compound first thing in the morning! Killing it! AMRAP 12min - 135lbs shoulder to over head, 10 ring rows, 15 back extensions. I jamed with 7rounds + 10 ring rows!

    Great job to the Morning Crew!

  8. Good Job everyone. Chanda I like the positiveness lately, keep it up!

    SWOD: Pull ups 3 x max @ 30% bwt.
    70# x 2,2,1

    DWOD: 12:00
    -5 shoulder to overhead, 185#
    -10 Push ups
    -15 Back Extensions

    Total: 7 rounds + 2 PJ

  9. Sorry about the confusion today, 9:30 class. It was great to see you guys pick a WOD and get it done anyway! It was also good seeing some of you guys that I never see!

    CFFB WOD....

    Weighted Pull Ups up to 70x 2, 1, 1

    AMRAP in 12:00 of:
    - 5 Shoulder to Overhead 185#
    - 10 Push Ups
    - 15 GHD Back Extensions

    I did 8 rounds +1 push jerk. started with push presses until round 4. I should've done jerks from the beginning and gotten more rounds in.

  10. overhead squats 5rm @ 45lbs

    METCON- 20:12 @ 35lbs
    5 rounds
    400m run
    15 overhead squats

  11. SWOD: Deadlift 3-3-3 @ 175

    MetCon: CF New England's "Jet Fuel" @65

    15 power snatches
    250m run
    15 OHS
    250m run
    15 Thrusters
    250m run
    15 clean and jerks
    250m run

    Time: 11:46

  12. Nicole/Compound not able to make it in tonight but i have to do that wod "jet fuel" sometime in the near future..looks like a hoot! See ya'll @ 9 tomorrow.
    " Nancy" looks like fun too but Im off to Sac. for some R & R ;) Grateful Dead tribute band that killsit.

  13. 75lb 5 rm, MetCon 20:43 @45lbs.

  14. 15lbs 5rm overhead squats
    Nancy: 5rm 400 m/ 15 overhead 25 lbs

  15. Swod: Overhead Squat 55# x5 RM
    WOD: Nancy
    5 rounds: 400m run 15 over head squats 35#


  16. SWOD: OHS 125# x5
    METCON: Nancy RX#95 26:55


  17. SWOD: Overhead Squat 75lbx5 PR!! in March it was 55lb.
    Metcon: Nancy 24:05 w/ 45

  18. Ok it's official, I do not like Nancy.

    SWOD: 5rm x 115 (first time doing over head squat)
    Metcon: Nancy 23:09 75 for two rounds 55 for three rounds.

  19. Curse you Nancy and your overhead squats!!

    SWOD 75x5 (not good form form sucks
    with 35 also so whatever)

    Metcon: 17:49 55#s

    Woulda rather gone with Doug

  20. Overhead Squats: 75 lbs x 5rm (PR!)
    Metcon: "Nancy" 16:51
    5 rounds of
    400m run
    45# overhead squats x 15

  21. Metcon: "Nancy" in 22 sec

  22. The 5pm class was smokin today! You guys and gals kickied "Nancy's" butt. Nice work on PR's for Steffanie and Melissa on the overhead. Welcome to the "I loathe the overhead squat club" Bob. Mike C and I are members. In case y'all didn't know, it was Friday the 13th and we had 13 people in class...ooooooo..spooky=)

  23. Overhead Squats: 55 lbs x 5rm
    Metcon: "Nancy" 17:38
    5 rounds of
    400m run
    35# overhead squats x 15