Sunday 10.03.10

The slogan contest has come to a close! As promised, the coaches narrowed the list down to three slogans written by the athletes. Now you have until 8:00pm Sunday 10.03.10 to vote on your favorite. The winning slogan will go on a Compound t-shirt (both men's and women's). That t-shirt design will be a one-time print that we will take orders for at a later date. See the poll to the right to vote on your favorite slogan!

Part of the slogan contest was to find a saying that would define The Compound, our goals, and our athletes, while confidently stating our purpose. We were looking for a mission statement: something we can stand behind or recite to ourselves when we need that extra boost.

In the process of defining who we are and what we do at The Compound, we thought of our athletes. Some of you are competitive sports athletes and are at The Compound to conquer your opponents. Some of you are military or law enforcement and are training to conquer your enemies. Some of you are training to conquer fear, doubt, or bad habits. You are there to conquer yourself through strength and conditioning.

So even though we are all at The Compound for different reasons, in a way we all share a common goal: to defeat someone, something, or ourselves. As we thought about this our mantra became clear......"Venit Envinco," Latin for "I came to conquer."

If you truly think about why you work out, why you train with such intensity, and why you train at The Compound, "Venit Envinco" makes perfect sense. And putting it in Latin makes it sounds at least 25% more awesome!

After we run the limited-time slogan contest shirts, look for the "Venit Envinco" line of shirts, and then come and conquer whatever stands in your way. bc


  1. FYI...they dont like it when 185lbs slips from your hands at waist height and hits the floor at golds while doing c&j's. ooooopps

  2. Love the mantra, I think it is super cool.

  3. Awesome...You guys have created a special place that is far more than a gym. We gain confidence here make new friends and change ourselves for the better! We have learned so much, just look to the right side of this page, there are around 180 different exercises that we have attempted and in many cases "Conquered". Lets all extend a hand to welcome the newbies and continue to get stronger, faster and collectivly more awesome. Great job Compound Crew! And yeah putting the slogan in Latin is at least 25% cooler than

  4. I agree. You guys inspire greatness. What started as a quest "to look good" has evolved to "I want to feel alive and strong". Coming from a "non fitness" background and struggles with chronic pain due to lack of functional fitness, I have to say "thanks for giving me my life back". Ps and looking good is just the added benefit!

  5. SWOD: worked on my double unders, i cant put them together in a row !!!
    40yd sprint down / 40yd back
    50 single unders
    8 rounds

    wish i could say this in "latin" so it would sound cooler!

  6. WOD
    Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon
    1:45... (392nd place out of 3105)