Tuesday 9.14.10

Bill and his K-9 Hondo competed in the South San Francisco K-9 Trail on Aug 21, 2010 and took 1st place in the novice division. His photos were also better than mine so I thought i'd showcase them here.

"Fight Gone Bad 5" is taking place on Sep 25, 2010 and we hope to have people from The Compound representing (get with Nicole if you are interested). So this week we will be focusing on all the movements of the workout and culminating with completing 'Fight Gone Bad' this Saturday.

SWOD: Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3

Metcon: 5 rounds for time.
-1:00 of Wall Ball 20/ 14 lbs to 10ft,
-1:00 of Burpees

For the SWOD, this is a strict press with absolutely no knee bending allowed. Work up to a heavy set of 3 or a 3 RM if you feel it. Remember to utilize "Active Shoulders" for the correct overhead position, meaning full scapular retraction and elevation into the ears with a slight forward torso lean.

For the Metcon, today's focus is Wall Ball. Pick a weight and a target and, after performing a full squat, push press that wall ball to its target. Don't be content with just getting close, actually hit the target you intend in order to count the rep. The ball should hit just above the stickers at 10' or 8' so that you can read "The Compound" beneath the ball each time. Oh ya, and I thought Burpees just for fun....6 count, no sprawls!

Post weights and reps to comments.


  1. SWOD 125# X 3

    METCON 70 W/ 20#

  2. SWOD: shoulder press 65 lbs
    WOD: started with the 14 lb ball but somehow the guys swiped it after the first round so I finished with the 10 lb! LOL
    115 reps in 10 min wall balls & burpees

  3. SWOD 135x3

    METCON 63 reps in 10:00 w/ 20# ball

  4. Worked on general form practice for pullups and push ups mixed with streaching my sore hamstring.

    5x3 @ 115 shoulder press

  5. SWOD-75x3, Metcon 61-14lb ball 10 ft.

  6. SWOD 105x3 Metcon 70@20lbs wall ball

  7. SWOD: 55 x 3
    Metcon: 105 (14lb)

  8. SWOD: 105x3
    Metcon: 73@14# wall ball

  9. SWOD: Shoulder Press-3X55lbs-PR!!

    Metcon: 5 rounds of 1:00 each:
    Wall Ball-10 lbs 10 ft target

  10. shoulder press 125 x 3
    metcon 136

  11. SWOD Shoulder press 14#
    Metcon 110 @ 20#
    Missed 6 wall balls

  12. Swod shoulder press 135#
    Metcon 150 @20#

  13. Shoulder press: 70x3
    metcon: 85 w/14# ball to 10ft target

  14. press: 85 x 3, 95 X2 (with poor technique), 85 X3 again, 80 X3 3 times, 95lb. push press x3 without effort. MetCon 101 reps @ 20lb. ball.

  15. swod: shoulder press 75x3 95x3 100x3 105x3 110x1
    metcon: 113 reps. of 20 lb.wallball @ 10' and burpee's...yikes!

  16. SWOD: Shoulder press: 60# x3
    Metcon: 92 w/10# ball to 10ft target

  17. Shoulder Press 135 x 3

  18. SWOD: 95x3, 115x3, 135-fail, 125x1, 95x3, 115x3

    Metcon: 162 reps as rx'd

  19. SWOD: 75x3, 80x1

    Metcon: 85 reps rx'd

  20. 175x3, got two @185 then scaled down for last set.
    For the metcon I wasn't keeping track just wanted to go till I couldn't go anymore.

  21. SWOD- Shoulder Press 3RM: 75lb, got 1@80lb

    Metcon: 121 Reps with 14lb ball