Wednesday 9.15.10

The Compound's Indoor Soccer Team won 9-3 tonight in our first game. Sorry about the 3 goals everyone, I spaced out there for a bit.

SWOD: Doug asked for it, he got it!

Turkish get ups, find your 1 RM max weight. Barbells are allowed and encouraged.

Metcon: For Time:
800m run
30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/ 65 lbs)
800m run
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
800 m run
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

For the metcon, assess a penalty of 5 Air Squats for each time you drop your chest during any portion of the SDHP.

Post times to comments.


  1. SWOD: 26lbs
    Metcon: 20:35 as rx'd

    Shout out to our soccer team on their first W last night. Can't wait to go out and catch a game so I can cheer you on.

  2. Turkish get ups: 26# kb
    Metcon: 17:53 rx'd

  3. Turkish get up...65lb bar
    I have never worked out to the Backstreet Boys...Thanks Holly

  4. SWOD Turkish getup x1 75 lb bar
    Metcon 1908 rxed

  5. SWOD: Turkish Get-up 35lb KB
    Metcon: 16:30 as Rx'd

    Tried out my new crossfit socks :)

  6. swod:62 lb.KB(pr!!!) 70lb.b/b close time:)
    metcon: 19:31 rx'd

  7. SWOD: Turkish get ups: 26# KB
    Metcon: 20:33 (started w/65# but dropped to 55# after 20 reps)

  8. SWOD 62 LB KBL 1RM, 55LB BBL 1RM, METCON 20:30 RXD

  9. WOD 17:30 @ 55 lbs. Went lighter because I'm still recovering from a neck/shoulder issue.
    And Kenny, you had a pretty impressive WOD time. I think the Backstreet Boys might have had something to do with it...I'm just sayin'

  10. turkish get up 26lb kb

    metcon : 20:47. @ 65lb