Friday 12.24.10

Kyle coaching the lifts in style?!
****Reminder that the gym is closed today. But if you feel inclined to do something, try this*****

SWOD/ Metcon: Max Effort Day
Use a partner to count reps and keep time if possible. Do not try to do all the tests. Try to complete at least 3 - 4 within the hour.  A TRUE max effort should be done when your body is warmed up, but in as rested a state as possible, so trying for all max efforts would be difficult in a short amount of time.

-Max weight from the ground to overhead (any object)
-Max effort 400m run
-Max push ups in a minute
-Max sit ups in a minute (abmat, feet anchored)
-Tabata Squats
-Max consecutive pull ups
-Max double unders
-Max height box jump

Another option is to test your progress on your Year End Goals!

Post results to comments or enjoy your day off!  cc


  1. "Football Gone Bad" w/ work partners Ken & Kate:
    3 rounds / 1 min. ea:
    1)Box Jumps 20"
    2)Push Ups
    3)Double Unders
    4)Row- for calories
    5)DB Thrusters (45#- sub'd 1-arm 62# KB rt only)
    *1-min. rest btwn rounds

    Scores: 140-121-118= 379

  2. METCON: @ the track by the prison
    400m run
    30 pushups
    400m run
    30 pushups
    400m run


  3. Starting Strength WOD:

    - Deadlift: Worked up to 425x1, then 245x 3x5
    - Shoulder Press: Worked up to 185x1, then 145x 3x5
    - Pull Ups: 255x 3x5 (including body weight)
    - GHD Sit Ups and jump rope in between sets.

  4. SWOD: 5 Rounds Max Rep Strict Pullups w/ 30 lb backpack. 2 min rest between sets.


    Metcon: Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squats, then 1 mile run. All done with 30lb backpack.

    Lowest # of squats: 6 (resting in bottom position is BRUTAL), mile 10:08.

    Time to pig out.

  5. Metcon: @ the track by the prison
    400m run
    30 pushups
    400m run
    30 pushups
    400m run