Thursday 12.23.10

Joyce showing her intense concentration while power cleaning

SWOD: Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Shoulder Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 @ 65%

Metcon: Complete 5 rounds for time of:
-Sprint a 20 yds – 40 yds – 20 yds shuttle drill
-8 Kettlebell Swings - heaviest possible
-16 Sit Ups

*Rest 1 minute between rounds.
*For shuttle drill, start by sprinting 20 yards, change directions and sprint back 40 yards, change direction and sprint back 20 yards through original starting point.  Similar to the 5-10-5 shuttles, just a bit longer.

Post weights and times to comments.  cc


  1. First day back in 5 weeks so I did a recovery WOD that Kyle put together. I realized how much I missed starting my day at the Compound. Can't wait to get fired up again in the new year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  2. SWOD: used 95 lbs for my 65%

    METCON: did mondays work out

  3. I had to modify here at work... 200 meter row for the shuttle run.

    10:40 53# kb,

    Swod: 105#

  4. SWOD: 70LB.
    METCON: 11:01 with 44lb. KB

  5. swod 75# shoulder pushup
    metcon 13:13 w/53# kb

  6. SWOD: 55 twice then 45
    yesterdays SWOD: Back squat 95#
    just to kill time while every one else finished
    5 rounds:
    10 ghd's
    10 kb's #44
    10 pushups

    Hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas!

  7. swod 100# shoulder press 2x10
    metcon 3 snatch complex/10 close grip pushups/ 5 strict chin ups x(5) 17:20

    hip flex issues so no shuttle sprints for me today.

  8. SWOD: 55#
    Metcon: 11:15 w/ 44# kb, GHD sit ups

    HSPU's have to wait til I get over my cold because I feel dizzy when I'm upside down

    Happy Christmas!!

  9. SWOD: 45# shoulder press
    Metcon: 11:03 w/44# KB

  10. SWOD: 65# shoulder press
    Metcon: 10:45 44# KB w/GHD

  11. SWOD: 50# shoulder press 2 reps x 10
    Metcon: 10 min. :) with 44lb Kettle bell

  12. SWOD: 50 lbs shoulder press

    WOD: 11:30 with 35 kb. Next time will try the 44 lb

  13. swod: 85# SP 2x10
    metcon: 10:35 w/53# KB
    so anybody feel stronger than a month ago...Yep!!!