Wednesday 12.22.10

SWOD: Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Back Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 @ 65%

Metcon: Complete 4 rounds:
-1-Arm Farmer Walk (RT) 40 yards - 1/3 body weight
-1-Arm Farmer Walk (LT) 40 yards - 1/3 body weight
-Max Rep Push Ups - 2 sec hold at bottom of each rep

For the SWOD, partner up with someone of similar weights, so the transition between sets is minimal and you can stick to the 60 seconds of rest.  The idea here is to move the bar as quickly as possible, which is why the weight is so low.  Focus on proper form, speed, and full hip extension.  This is our last Back Squat day before we Total.

For the metcon, Push Ups with a 2 sec hold at the bottom, means lowering yourself from the plank position and till your chest and legs are about an inch above the floor, and then holding there for a 2-count before pushing up to the top again.

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. SWOD: @255#
    METCON: 85# farmer walks/33 pushups..2 second pause killed me

  2. METCON: 37 Push-ups, 80Lb dumbell for farmers walk.

  3. Starting Strength WOD:
    14" Box Squat: 225x 3x5
    Bench Press: 235x 3x5
    Chin Ups: 256x 3x5 (bodyweight included)
    Max Ring Push Ups: 12
    Max Bodyweight Chin Ups: 3 (arms were smoked)

  4. SWOD: 105#
    Metcon: 44# kb farmer walks/ 50 push ups

    Oops! Forgot to do HSPUs

  5. SWOD: 165#

    MetCon: 62 pus, 62#KB for FW

  6. SWOD: 265#
    Metcon: 66 push ups and 75#

  7. SWOD: 205#

    MetCon: 60 p'ups, 62#KB for FW

  8. SWOD: 120#

    Metcon: 53 pu with 55lb on farmer carry bar

  9. 35lb bar for tech on squats, 52lb kettle farmer walk, X4 21 pushup

  10. swod: 155# back squats
    metcon: 86 pu's W/55# FW

  11. swod: 115# back squat
    metcon: 50 pu's

  12. SWOD: 190x10x2

    Metcon: 64 pushups, 62lb kb

  13. SWOD: 85# back squat
    Metcon: 42 pushups; 53# KB farmer's walk

  14. SWOD: 85# back squat 2 reps x 10
    Metcon: 42 pushups, 53lb kettle bell