Tuesday 12.21.10

Who knows who Doug was aiming for, but you can be dang sure it hit its mark and someone was doing push ups.

SWOD: 500 m Row

Metcon: Complete 10 rounds for time:
-10 1-arm KB Swing RT - heaviest possible
-10 1-arm KB Swing LT - heaviest possible
-10 Toes to Bar

Go hard, go fast.

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  1. 1:36 row
    23:45 metcon with 44 lb kb

  2. 500m row 2:00
    Metcon: 24:05 w/ 26# kb

    That was super rough on my hands!!

    HSPU's 36

  3. 500m row 2:01
    Metcon:25:13 w/28#

    I agree with Stephanie, it wasn 't that the workout was that difficult but VERY brutal on the hands. I ended up having to do the last t2bar's almost one at a time.

  4. SWOD: 1:37
    METCON: 24:10 @ 53#kb..wrecked my hands,ripped them open nicely

  5. oh yeah...Bactine and NewSkin dont feel so good when you put them on open wouonds on your hand

  6. 1:42 row (10 seconds better than last), 24:01 MetCon with 35lb. KB, and all knees to elbows (NO COMPROMISE, ALL THROUGHOUT WORKOUT, NO WIMPY LEG LIFTS)

  7. Did three 500m rows cuz i miss it: best time was 1:46

    Metcon: 13:00 woo hoo..but..i only did 18lb KB because all the strong females in the 9:30 took all the heavy ones =), also did GHD sit ups instead of TTB..hanging moves still hurt chest.
    Even with all mods i got a great workout!!

  8. SWOD: 1:58. 500m row pr!
    Metcon: 23:19 w/26# KB; mostly KTEs

  9. METCON: 23:03, 30 Lb dumbell.

  10. SWOD 2:04

    METCON 21:24, 26# KTE

  11. 500m. row 1:42
    metcon: 19:22 @ 35# KB

  12. CFE WOD:

    10x :30 sprints on the rower with 2:00 active rests. Brutal.

  13. 500m row: 1:37

    MetCon: 16:57 with 35# kb and all toes to bar (ok a couple times my toes came a little short but I got up there)

  14. SWOD: 1:50 500m row
    Metcon: 31:10 with 35lb kb toes to bar, kicked my finger!