Saturday 12.11.10

 Kate and Elizabeth enjoying the "rest" the Front Squats gave them during the 5 am class on Friday

HSPU Day #26

SWOD: Review of the lifts in the metcon.

Metcon: "Filthy Fifties"
For time:
-50 Box jump (24/ 20 inch box)
-50 Jumping pull-ups
-50 Kettlebell swings (35/ 26 lbs)
-50 Steps of walking lunges
-50 Knees to elbows
-50 Push press (45/ 35 lbs)
-50 Back extensions
-50 Wall ball shots (20 /14 lbs)
-50 Burpees
-50 Double Unders

We haven't seen this once since 02.13.10.  Review your time if you were there and try to beat it.

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  1. I will be doing a modified WOD at Northstar. 50 runs by 330pm. (If I knew how to do the smiley joke face thingy I would insert it here).

  2. HPSU Day # 26

    If anyone is like me, they may be having trouble completing the HPSU Challenge, especially after Wednesday's workout. A little shoulder impingement problem or two. A few tips:

    - make sure you are really warming up your shoulders before and mobilizing them afterwards to keep the fresh.
    -do less reps at a given time throughout the day
    -change the range of motion. To make up for my shoulder problems, I am going to an abmat now for the rest of the week instead of the floor. This will keep me going upside down, get the reps, and allow time for my shoulder to get better.

    The idea is to get upside down for 90 days. How you do the reps is up to you, your abilities, and limitations. But don't hurt yourself and if you want to do the challenge at the gym instead of part of the workout, feel free to do so.

  3. Metcon: 42:58. Box jumping pu's, 10lb wall ball, 400 single unders.

  4. Saturday wod: Filthy Fifties...35:22 rx'd (jumping p.u.'s from the floor to 7'6" bar)

  5. Felt so good to be back at The Compound and train with everyone. I love you guys and gonna miss you all tons!! Filthy Fifty was an amazing workout to come back to....everyone rocked it and showed the mental strength of legit crossfitters. Good job, everyone!!

    MetCon: 24:41 Rx

  6. Metcon 34:41
    It was great day at the compound today. Glad to see Nicole come out and sweat with us, I will miss her. I will also be leaving in march hanging up my Dixie cup and starting a new chapter in my life. So I'm going to make the last three months at the compound count.

  7. 33:41 (knees to elbows from a box)

  8. HSPU Day 26

    I'm with you Craig. The last couple of days have been hard. My triceps mostly, but I'm hanging in there. Gotta find a way to do them at work.....

  9. Metcon: 29:57 w/countless substitutions to spare my aching back/hip--wouldn't have been anywhere near this time if I did burpees

  10. 40:14 DNF 10 Burpees and 140 Jump Rope