Sunday 12.26.10

There's nothing quite like a good old fashion holiday feast that includes plenty of the above pictured sugary, carby goodness.  Even the most devout paleo-er in the world has a cheat day and hopefully you all fully indulged over the Christmas weekend.  I say "weekend" so I don't feel bad about the last three days of horrible nutritional choices.

It's important to note that if you eat pretty well prior to the holidays and jump back on the horse right after the holidays (like today!) the weight gain will be minimal if any and you may find the calorie boost helps you recover better for the next week of training and The Compound Total.

A recent article in the LA Times and featured on reminded us all about the dangers of simple, unhealthy carbohydrates.  The article, called "A Reversal on Carbs", discusses the health decline in the united states due to dietary changes in modern times.  It is not a paleo article, but if you read between the lines the type of diet being suggested is definitely paleo or primal.  Some of the highlights of the article are:
  • Dietary fat, once thought to be the root cause of high levels of stored body fat, cholesterol, and heart disease, is not the culprit we all thought it was (of course paleo/primal folks already knew this.  Eat your saturated animal fats!  Go bacon!)
  • High amounts of unhealthy carbs are more of an indicator of and precursor to the above listed health problems.
  • Almost everyone can avoid adult-onset Type 2 diabetes by gaining control of their diet and avoiding unhealthy carbs.
Give it a read and draw your own conclusions.  Then, let's all re-commit ourselves to better nutrition starting today.  Why wait for the New Year.  Let's start seeing our performance, our health, and our body compositions improve and the sooner the better.  bc


  1. Oh good lord! is that a pic from the Collins brothers Christmas table?...with food like that i feel a week of kick ass workouts on our hands =).Can't wait!!!

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