Thursday 12.02.10

Check out all the bad "stuff" that goes on when your knees track inward during squatting movements.  Nothing is in proper alignment, which means this athlete will be weak and slow, but more importantly he will be highly injury prone.  Studies show that one of the highest predictors of an ACL injury in athletes is their navicular drop.  The Navicular bone is located on the inside portion of the foot just below the ankle.  The navicular drop occurs when the knee tracks inward, causing the foot to roll inward flattening out the arch (look at the above subject's right foot).  To prevent navicular drop, we cue you to force your knees out when squatting, but what you should also be doing is trying to spread the floor apart with your feet.  This will cause you to be on the "knife-edge" of your foot, maintaining a good arch and protecting your hip, knee, and ankle structures.  So that's what we mean when we say "knees out!"
HSPU Day# 17

Back Squat 1 @ 90% +, then 65% of 1rm for one set of maximum reps.

- 75 Power Snatches for time (75/45).

For the back squats, check what you did for your 90%+ weight last week here, and then add weight again without hitting failure.  Then, just like with the shoulder presses earlier this week, drop the bar weight to 65% of your 1rm and do one set of maximum reps until concentric muscle failure.  And just try and have fun, eh?  If you've never gone to muscle failure of the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, get ready to live!

For the metcon, this is a hero WOD in honor of former LAPD SWAT Officer Randy Simmons who was killed in a SWAT operation on 2.07.08.  This WOD was named in his honor.  It should be interesting after squatting to failure!

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: 165 x 1, 110 x 27

    Metcon: 8:50 as rx'd

  2. DANGIT. I thought the back squat was tomorrow. This week I got all messed up with my schedule!

    Aren't the three Compound Total lifts on MWF?

    HSPU-Last night did 16

  3. SWOD: 200x1, 12@130
    Metcon: 22:55 45@75#, 30@65#

  4. Kelly, there are no set days. We train to be ready for the unknown and unknowable, so just when you think we follow a certain plan, we mix it up on you! :)

    But we do post it the night before so check the sight around 8:00pm for what we're doing the next day. You can make up squats tomorrow if you missed it today and can't make it in tonight.

    HSPU Day #17

    Back Squat 385x1, 275x10

    "Randy" as rx'd in 6:27. Last time was 7:02 so there was some progress. This sucks after squatting to failure! Have fun with it everyone!

  5. SWOD: 145x1, 100x12 (not to failure, I just gave up)
    Metcon: "Randy" as rx'd 9:30.

    Today was suppsed to be a recovery day but Brad made me do today's workout ;)

    HSPU Challenge: 17

  6. SWOD:175x1, 115x23

    Metcon: 7:41 @ 65

  7. HSPU Day 17

    Kelly, I will be doing Back Squat tomorrow too, since I missed it today

  8. Craig, Ok maybe I will do it with you. :)

    It's a miracle if I can make an evening class....

    HSPU- Day 17

  9. SWOD: 370#x1..5#PR / 245#x9 reps

    METCON: 5:45 RX'D

  10. swod; 225x1 155x16
    metcon: 8:27 rx'd

  11. Swod: 140x1, 100x12
    Metcon: 7:17 rx'd

  12. SWOD: 315X1, 225X15

    METCON 7:14 RXD

  13. SWOD 1x155, 14x110 (to failure - it was my grip that failed me!)
    WOD: 7:16 rx'd

  14. SWOD: Box Squat (14" box)
    375# x 1, 265# x 14

    Metcon: 4:39 PR

  15. SWOD: did 95% max on power clean and jerk. 185x1x5. Knee is a little sore for heavy squats

    Metcon: 9:05

  16. SWOD 195#x1 125#x19
    Metcon 11:44 65#

  17. Swod: back squat 165# x1 115#x15

    Wod: sprint row 1min sprint 1 min rest up to 2000m

    HSPU 17 + 1 (for yesterday miss counted)