Friday 2.11.11

This diagram, while a bit blurry, shows all of the muscles at work when we deadlift.  No other lift taxes the body and hits the amount of muscles groups the deadlift does.  This is the reason the deadlift affects the central nervous system so much, and the reason it should be used sparingly so you can recover and not over train!

Warm Up:  Coach's choice

SWOD:  Deadlift 1rm for the day, 90%x 3, and 80%x 5

This is another reverse pyramid day.  The percentages are high but the reps are low.  Don't sacrifice form for weight!  A sore back for a few days means your training session was NOT successful.  

Metcon:  From 2.02.10 
As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 12:00 of:
- 10 Broad Jumps (6 ft/4 ft)
- 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/55)
- 10 Back Extensions

This will be lesson in mid-line stabilization.  Make sure during the SWOD and metcon that your core is engaged the WHOLE time.  If not, you'll know about it later!  

The 1rm deadlift is listed as a 1rm for the day.  This means you may not necessarily be hitting a new PR.  The difference is when we go for a true max, such as in the CrossFit Total, we are lifting as much weight as we can and a form breakdown is somewhat acceptable.  But today is not about testing our max, it's about training.  That means this should be a 1rm with impeccable form.  If your form breaks down to lift the weight, it's not a good lift for today's purposes.  As a n example of this, go to any power lifting meet and you will see people lifting with atrocious technique, because the object is just to lift the most weight possible.  But then go to a power lifter's training session and you will see slightly lighter weights than in competition being lifted with perfect technique.  The point is, today is a training day, not a power lifting meet day so lift accordingly. 

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD: 495 x 1 (fail @ 545), 455 x 3, 405 x 5

    No time for metcon

  2. SWOD: 205x1,185x3,165x5
    Metcon: 9rds 55lb SDHP

  3. SWOD: 350x1, 315x2, 295x5
    Metcon: Lost track. sub-24"box, 95 lbs

  4. CFE WOD #2: 1min sprint 3min rest/walk x5
    1) slow
    2) went much further than #1
    3) same distance as #2
    4)just shy of #2-3
    5) ran different direction but felt faster and further in distance than #1-4

    Liked todays WOD alot..1 minute of sprinting is no joke. Legs felt strong..prob cuz this was first run of week =(.

  5. SWOD: 205 1 RM- PR!, 185x3, 165x5
    Metcon: 9 rounds rx'd

  6. SWOD: Sumo Dead Lift 185x1, 167x3, 148x5
    Metcon: 8 rds