Thursday 2.10.11

The sled push is a way of training resisted sprints for speed and power.  This guy is obviously just posing, but for optimal power the hips should be lower and the arms should be extended in front of you.

Warm Up:  Coach's choice

SWOD:  5 x 25 yard sled push adding weight each attempt.  Do these outside on the concrete and take advantage of the great weather we've been having!

Metcon:  4 rounds for time of:
- Run 400m
- 20 pull ups

Ah the classic combination of running and pull ups!  Not much to say here but run fast and do lots of pull ups.  All pull up variations are acceptable, but if you really want to increase your fitness do a harder variation that you normally do!

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. sled push 80 lbs
    17:35 extream kipping pullups!

  2. I shorted the early morning group by accidentally writing the SWOD as 25 feet for the sled pushes. It was supposed to be 25 yards. Sorry 'bout that! But it was still a good strength workout as the shorter distance allowed for heavier weights.

    Starting Strength WOD:
    - Power Clean: 240x1, 192x 3,3,3
    - Push Press: 225x4, 202.5x6, 180x8
    - Chin Ups: +60x3, +30x5, unweighted x 7

  3. swod: sled push's 45,70,95,115,140
    metcon: 12:05 kipping
    oh and the warmup was a hoot as always:)
    Boy's night out at 5:30...wahooey!