Wednesday 2.09.11

In this photo from Doug Hepburn is strict pressing 425 lbs.  While I would have some concerns with the over extension of his back, you can't argue with the man's strength.  The shoulder press is a lift that is difficult to make progress with, but it's not impossible!

Warm Up:  Coach's choice.

SWOD:  Shoulder Press 4rm, 90% of 4rm x 6, 80% of 4rm x 8

Work up to the highest weight you can lift 4 times with good form.  Then, lower the weight to 90% of your 4rm and lift it 6 times.  Then lower it to 80% of your 4rm and lift it 8 times.  This is called reverse pyramid training and I'm not gonna's tough. 

Metcon:  From 2.03.10 
For time:
-Push Press with Shoulder Press 5 RM (check your records or estimate this based on your 4rm today)
-Knees to Elbows

For this metcon you can clean the weight into position for the push press or you can take it off the rack.  Your choice!

Post weights and times to the comments section!  bc


  1. SWOD 60 x 4; 55 x 6;50 x 8 shoulder press
    WOD 19:28 with 60 lb push press

    Stupid me locked my keys in car and had to wait 45 min for AAA! I won't let it affect my day though because that workout was great!

  2. SWOD: 55x4,50x6,45x8
    Metcon: 18:55 w/ 45lb push press

    I am SORE this morning. I welcome tomorrow's day of rest.

  3. SWOD: 185 x 4, 167 x 6, 148 x 8

  4. We, The Majority, love the new hours.

  5. SWOD: 205x4,185x5(I failed),165x8

    METCON: first 6 reps at 205, dropped down to 185for next 2 sets, then finished at shoulders were toasted!! 16:4????

  6. the MINORITY would like to still see a 7PM class...and a 7AM,9AM and a 2PM,#pm class as well

  7. SWOD: 60# x4 (tried 65# and failed after 2); 55# x6; 50# x8

    Metcon: 20:00--finished right on the bell @60# and weak KTEs...everything sore today...

  8. SWOD: 75x3,70x4,65x6,55x8
    Metcon: started after timer,talking
    20:31 @ 65lb PP as RX!!!!!

  9. swod:105x4 95x6 84x8
    metcon: 17:38@ 105

  10. CFE 5x 1 min sprints
    I think I read this right, 3 min recovery was difficult..ready to run!

  11. Starting Strength WOD:
    - Deadlift: 465x1, 414x3, 3772x5
    - Dips: +75x4, +68x6, +60x8
    - Supinated Barbell Rows: 230x 5,5,5

  12. Swod: 65x4,60x6,55x8
    Metcon 20:46 #65 Rx'd weak burpees tho

  13. SWOD: 125x3 (fail), 120X4, 108x6, 96x8

    Metcon: 15:38 @ 120#