Tuesday 2.08.11

Watch this short video for a pretty good description of how to flip tires.

Warm Up:  Coach's choice

SWOD:  Tire Flips
Start with the smallest tire and flip it 5 times.  Continue flipping the next size tire 5 times until you flip the heaviest tire, or until you can no longer flip a particular tire 5 times.  Accumulate 5 sets of 5 tire flips.  Remember this is strength work, not metcon.  So rest between your sets!

Metcon:  "21's"
For time:
20 double unders and 1 abmat sit up
19 double unders and 2 abmat sit ups
18 double unders and 3 abmat sit ups
17 double unders and 4 abmat sit ups
so on and so forth until...
1 double unders and 20 abmat sit ups

If you don't have double unders, substitute 4 times the number of single jumps, or do tuck jumps bringing your knees to your chest.  This is another on we did during our first week so if you did it, compare yourself to what you did on 2.05.10. 

Post tire flip results and metcon times to the comments section!  bc


  1. Tire flips- 5-5-5-5-5 up to #3 tire

    METCON- 21:13 double unders

  2. SWOD: Tire Flips: all x 5
    Metcon: 14:48 (PR)

    Awesome job this AM. Sorry Jamie, the video didn't come out!

  3. SWOD: Tire flips up to 3rd tire
    Metcon: Finished 8 sit ups and 13 singles x 4

    Better about the video, I probably looked horrible!

  4. SWOD: tire flips to tire #3
    Metcon: 24:05 double unders

    Jamie you looked at pretty as Kate and I did this a.m.! Oh and really cool flipping that big tire. :)

  5. Tire flips #3x2
    23:50 and peed pants!!!

  6. CFE Long Run
    Too bad not allowed to do a WOD
    today I was really looking forward to trying
    to get some DU's :)

  7. SWOD- Tire Flipping sets of 5 up to 4th tire. Tired the BAT but no way

    Metcon: 14:58, having fun with the DU

  8. swod: tires 1-4 x5
    metcon: 12:00 rx
    Greg/thanks for the push..yikes!

  9. SWOD -- 1-3 x 5, and tire #4 x 3

    METCON: 23:56

  10. Tire flips up to 2x of #4. Didn't make it back in for the metcon.

  11. SWOD: No tire flips because of my back
    Metcon: 12:15 (PR - beat my last time by 8 minutes!)

  12. SWOD: up to fourth tire X 1 (PR)
    Metcon: 18:57 - PR: beat my last time by a little more than 3 min. and rx'd.