Friday 2.24.11

~Venit Envico~

Warm Up: 1 Round
1 round = 45 seconds of each with a 30 sec rest
- Lateral Hops—Hop side to side over the PVC with the feet together.
- Front to Back Hops—With feet together, hop forward and backward over the PVC.
- Foot Fires—Chop feet in place as fast as possible.
- Knee-Ups—Jumping as high as possible, bring the knees to the chest. Repeat immediately upon landing.
- Right Leg Lateral Hops—Hop using only the right foot.
- Right Leg Front to Back Hops—Hop using only the right foot.
- Left Leg Lateral Hops—Hop using only the left foot.
- Left Leg Front to Back Hops—Hop using only the left foot.

WOD: Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1

Metcon: 3 Rounds (105lbs, 75lbs)
- 5 Hang Power Snatch
- 10 One Arm KB Swings (each arm, heaviest possible)
- 5 Chest to Bar
- 10m, 20m, 30m Sprint (10 first round, 20 second, 30 third)


  1. WOD: 35#
    Metcon: 5:29 at 35# & 18#kb & green-banded chest to bar.

  2. SWOD: 95lb (PR)

    Metcon: 7:06 75lb snathc, 35lb KB, Red band chest to bar

  3. SWOD: 75,95,105,115 (fail, fail, fail)

    Having trouble going to depth with the bar overhead. Need to work OHS, and snatch balance.

    Metcon: 6:38 RX, 62#kb

  4. Strength WOD:
    - Deadlifts: 475x1, 428x3, 380x5
    - Dips: +85x4, +77x6, +68x8
    - Supinated Rows: 290x1, 240x 5,4,3

  5. SWOD: 95,135,155,160,165,170 failed x3

    METCON: 7:14 RX'D with 70#KB

  6. SWOD 65,75,85,105(failx2),90,95
    What Ryan S said.
    Metcon 7:33 75#SN,44#KB

  7. swod:75,95,100,105(115..NO), 105
    metcon: 8:something 95# PS, 53# KB
    overhead stuff is for real..yikes!

  8. my apologies to the 430pm ran more than you had too. However,since you are awesome, you all still kicked butt and didnt even complain about added sprints!!!

  9. Swod: worked on snatch technique @ 65/70lbs
    Metcon: 6:05 @ 55lb hang pwr snatch, 26#kb,jump c2b
    *The Snatch is so hard to get right but you feel good when you get it!!!!! this can go so many places =)

  10. Forgot to post this am
    SWOD:practice technique to 45 lbs
    WOD: snatch 55 lbs;kb 26 lbs; jumping ctb 7:02

  11. SWOD:135,155,165,175,185(couldn't stick it but it's there)
    Metcon: 6:15 rx'ed with 53,44,36lb kb

  12. SWOD: worked on Hang power snatch technique
    Metcon: 6:44 w/ 45# Hang power snatch, 26# kb swings

    Extra sprints?!!