Wednesday 3.16.11

In talking about paleo and eating right and being healthy, we have unintentionally alienated an important demographic at The Compound; the hard gainers, the people trying to put on weight and size for one purpose get bigger and stronger.  Because we all know "stronger people are harder to kill than weaker people."  (By the way, Kyle and Brad both failed in their attempts to finish this....I did not)
SWOD: Back Squat 1RM

Metcon: As many rounds possible in 15:00
-10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14#)
-10 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (53/35#)
-10 Double Unders

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. Craig, there is another saying. Be kind to your heart and it will be kind to you. I can hear the arteries crying out now. By the way, I like the ideal about eating a lot of ice cream to gain weight and so do my kids :)

  2. Back squat: 55ibs, 65lbs, 80ibs
    WOD: 10 Wall Ball (14ibs) 10 KB SDHP (35ibs) 10 DOuble Unders (60 single unders) 8 rounds

  3. Ok so now all I want for breakfast are those nachos!

  4. SWOD: 455 (PR) Ugliest PR you ever saw, knees coming in, all my weight on my toes, bar riding up onto my neck, but I got it!

    Metcon: Since Matt and Kyle and I were finally put to use the stones Matt made, we did "Stoned Grace":
    10:50 @ 115# stone

  5. I'm tired and my sentence in "Metcon: doesn't make sense, but you get the idea.

    Jenny you should try them, if you can find them...but the search for THOSE nachos should be fun (hint: it's not taco bell)

  6. SWOD: Failed @ 405...thats what I get for being greedy and trying a 15#PR

    METCON: " Stoned Grace" 11:39 115# stone

    and those nachos are from Los hungry!

  7. I ate eggs and an orange instead....whatever!

  8. SWOD: 145lbs (PR)
    Metcon: 6rds +10 wall balls + 10 SDHP

    If anyone needs advice on gaining weight, ask me because I have perfected it! To start off here are a few quick tips:
    1)go to Costco and buy the double package of Nutella then go home and put it on everything in your pantry - just to see what it tastes like

    2)acquire an addiction to Cultive and go in there everyday, then lie to your husband and tell him you haven't been there then go again after dinner

    3)when eating, shovel food in your mouth over the garbage can because if you do it that way nobody will see you and it doesn't count

    Clearly this is not the healthy way, but if you want got it!

  9. Swod: 145x1
    Metcon: 6 rds + 8 wall balls

    And I agree with Danyel, especially the part about's absolutely delicious and tastes great on everything, including bacon ;)

  10. CFE swim WOD: 3x 7:00 intervals with 3:00 rest.

    And now I'm going to eat Chipotle. Gonna keep it Primal though.

  11. SWOD 215# 1RM

    Metcon: 7 Rds+10WBs
    KB53#,WB20#,40 singles ea.

  12. 135lbs back squat
    35lbs KB, double unders and 10lbs ball
    rounds your quess is as good as mine?

  13. SWOD: Practiced technique on a 85# backsquat; working on taking out my lean forward.

    Metcon: 7 rds + 4 KB SDHPs w/10# wall ball/35# KB, 40 singles--started round w/single unders

  14. My hammies are pathetic... Practiced pistol squats

    Metcon: 9 rnds with 4 wall balls... 62 lb kb, 20 lb ball

  15. Wod: 10 push ups
    10 pistols ( assisted pistol on left leg)
    10 double unders
    15 min amrap 7 rounds + 10 pushups

  16. SWOD: 305 pr
    Metcon: 11+10d/us+1wallball